Judge John Roll’s Angels Shield Mourners: Tucson Angels Shield Westboro Baptists

Across the street from the church where family and friends gathered to mourn, said to number in the “thousands,” and lay to rest Judge John Roll, stood the Tucson Angels, each holding a red rose. A day earlier the same angels stood outside the same church, St. Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic Church, to shield those mourning the loss of 9 year old Christina Taylor-Green from a possible protest by members of the Westboro Baptist.

Angels Shield Westboro Baptist Church Protesters

The Tucson Angels are a “biker group” and part of “Angel Action,” organized by Christina Gilmer.

Judge Roll and Christina Taylor-Green were both shot down in cold blood in a Safeway parking lot by Jared Lee Loughner, according to eye witnesses. Three others also died.  Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was severly wounded with a bullet to the head. Authorities believe Giffords was targeted for assassination. Source

  • God bless them.

  • There cannot be worse scum on this planet than the Westboro Democrats.

  • God bless them is right, the Westboro clan is a despicable bunch.

  • Good idea to shield the mourners.

  • It’s great that the Tucson Angels are there to protect the grieving families from the Westboro monsters.

  • I would love to just egg the $h*t out of the Fred Phelps morons!!!

    A bunch of us went down with a bunch of eggs and rotten fruit when they stunk up our city at the foot of America’s Mountain, but they were ringed by so many policemen, you couldn’t hurl anything without risking hitting a cop, so we had to abort the mission. Man, I was pissed. It they believe in free speech let them practice it without hiding behind law enforcement.

  • I apologize for marring this beautiful post, but I really hate those people (God forgive me). It really is a beautiful and uplifting post, Maggie.

    • Silver, please, no need for an apology. I laughed – thought your comment was great, and even greater that you tried to do something about godless creatures.

  • Now that’s American ingenuity… I love it… to bad they can’t cast a few down to hell as well.. lol

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