John Wheeler Athel Scottie Scott: Cell Phone Had Scottie’s Name: Wheeler Looking for Train Fare

There are a couple of recent developments in the John Wheeler murder case. Mr. Wheeler’s body was found in a trash dump, as it was being discharged from a trash truck. The West Point graduate and former Reagan and Bush appointee’s cell phone was located in new construction across the street from his own residence in New Castle, Delaware. Inside that cell phone was the number of a Wilmington taxi driver, Athel Scott, known as “Scottie.” A new report today says Wheeler stopped at a law firm to ask for train fare “to travel north.”

John P. Wheeler

The driver, Athel Scott, said he doesn’t know how his number got on Wheeler’s phone, but he said he does remember seeing him.

I seen him one day by the Hotel duPont and one day I seen him at the train station going inside that little store, that’s all I know,” Scott said.

CNN reports this quote from Scott:

“I never got a call from the man. I don’t know him,” he said, referring to Wheeler. “He’s never been in my cab. I don’t know how my number got in his cellphone,” Scott says he told police.

Scott showed CNN a box of business cards he keeps at his side on the front seat of his cab. “See?” he said. “I give out these cards all the time to people looking for business. Maybe someone gave him my card.”

This report from DelawareOnline, says that Wheeler entered the 10the floor offices of Connolly Bove Lodge and Hutch law firm in the Nemours Building. He asked to speak to the “managing partner.” He wanted to “borrow train fare north.”

When a receptionist went to find someone to speak with Wheeler, he was gone.

The “managing partner” does not know if Wheeler had any connection to his firm. After asking to see the attorney at about 8:30 pm on December 30th, Wheeler is seen on the building’s surveillance video at about 8:42 pm crossing the parking lot of a hotel valet area.

John Wheeler was a West Point graduate, a celebrated Vietnam war vet, a devoted public servant and military supporter. He was a former presidential appointee, serving in the administrations of Ronald Reagan, and both Bush’s, and he was a defense consultant. He has contacts in the Pentagon and is rumored to be working on some high-level, possibly secret, project.

Wheeler had not been in contact with family or friends for 3 or 4 days. His wife and family were out of town for the Christmas holidays. He was last seen on a surveillance video on December 30th.

John P. Wheeler Surveillance Tape (video)

  • Wow, it really sounds like Mr. Wheeler was mixed up in something bad. I put up a map of the company he contracted for, Mitre Corporation. I can’t even begin to speculation.