Joe Zamudio Tucson Hero on Geraldo Video

Joe Zamudio interviewed with Geraldo last night. What an amazing 24-year-old man he is. Joe went into a Walgreens in the same parking lot shared by Safeway where Jared Lee Loughner killed six and severely wounded multiple others. Zamudio was armed.  He heard the shots and knew it was gunfire. He ran toward the shooter and helped take Loughner to the ground. He held down the shooter’s legs his legs and lower back. Listen as he tells Geraldo why he did not use his gun.

“I came out of that store and I clicked the safety off and I was ready,” Zamudio told Fox News.

“Somebody was hurting somebody around me. I had my hand on my gun… in my jacket pocket.”

Joe Zamudio – Tucson Hero with Geraldo (video)