Jim DeMint Passing Bills with Secret Unanimous Consent: Important Video

This is the kind of information we need coming from our legislators, not to mention their

Jim DeMint

action to get these treasonous practices stopped. There is so much going on, in secret in the Halls of Congress, and we have few ways to learn about them. In this video, Senator Jim DeMint tells us that 94% of all bills are passed with “unanimous consent,” meaning no one reads, no one debates, no reading of the bill from the floor, no amendments, no votes and no CBO score. The video below is important. I hope you have time to listen to what the Senate is doing to the American people.

The best quote of the past few years comes from Senator Jim DeMint:

“You don’t get $13b in debt when you are doing things right”

DeMint discusses “hot lines” into the senators offices, late at night, requesting a “unanimous consent.” He says if he refuses, the news is that “Senator DeMint is holding up an important bill – that no one has read. The hot line works overtime when the senate is on break :

“When we take a break I will get a call from staff there were dozens of requests for passing bills by unanimous consent because they knew we were going out of town.”

I have a problem with people secretely asking that bills be passed in secret, and 94% of bills get passed that way.

In the video below, at 5:55 mins-in, DeMint yields to Senator Ron Wyden (D-OR) Listen to what Wyden says, which sounds reasonable, but then…then Senator DeMint responds and, he responds in exactly the way I want my president and my senators to respond. At 7:55 in hear DeMint respond back and pull no punches.

The more I hear DeMint in his own words, the more excited I am about being able to vote for him for president.

Now we have to wonder if the same thing happens in the House.

Feel free to grab it and make it go viral!

[yframe url=’http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2B751mhY-QE&feature=player_embedded’]

Senator Jim DeMint on the Senate Passing Bills with Secret Unanimous Consent (video)

Thanks to the Hope for America for the video

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  • The more I see of Jim DeMint, the more I like what I am seeing. It sounds like he and Dr. Coburn are on the same page when it comes to how the Senate conducts it’s business.

    • Larrry, I always prefer some one outside the Chambers, but DeMint is beginning to let us see who he is. He never changes. He is steady, but doesn’t worry about speaking the truth. There are no invectives. While I cannot compare him to RR, I see similarities in that neither need a lot of words to expres themselves. They say it. RR would chuckle, DeMint just moves on.

      I really like him.

      • I suppose it would be too much to have a DeMint/Coburn ticket in 2012? What a combination that would be.

  • Sen.DeMint is my #1 choice for president.Graet video.JS

  • jk – I’m right there with you.

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  • Very eye opening. 10 years a bill has been worked on? No one in this country gets to say yes or no to their representative? No one in this country has any idea what’s being passed in the name of the American People? It is not the mandate we give our representatives. If something can’t survive by the light of the day, but does by the dark of the night, has to stop now. All bills passed this way need to be reviewed by the American People and then be re-voted on. It should be illegal. This isn’t representative rule, it’s the rule of the few not the many. God bless Senator DeMint. Thank you Maggie for this eye opener. Your the real representative and watchdog of the American People.. you and others like you. Thank you.

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