Jared Loughner Parents: Skull in Backyard

The New York Daily News reports a shrine with a skull was found in Jared Loughner’s backyard. If he lives with his parents, as is reported, they are also living with the skull in their back yard. Yesterday, a Loughner neighbor was interviewed on Fox and said it was rare to see Mr. or Mrs. Loughner, although Mr. Loughner did go into his backyard to water plants. You can see the potting soil bag sitting next to the “shrine.”

Jared Lee Loughner - Backyard Shrine

Read the entire exclusive report at New York Daily News along with more photos, including pics of the inside of the Loughner’s home.

  • lovely. Why are people not discussing why his parents didn’t get him help? I don’t want to automatically jump on the bad parent bandwagon, but one must wonder when something like this comes out. I read somewhere that Arizona has some of the most lienent laws when comes to getting someone with mental problems to a doctor.