Jared Loughner Judy Clarke: Loughner Gets High-Profile Defense Attorney Judy Clarke

So, is defending Jared Loughner, alleged murderer and assassin, a pro bono case or is the

Judy Clarke - Lawyer for Jared Loughner

Loughner family wealthy? News that Jared Loughner will be represented in Federal Court by Judy Clarke. Clarke was involved in the defense of child murderer Susan Smith, Unabomber Ted Kaczynski, Eric Rudolph the Olympic Park Bomber and terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui. Rudolph and Kaczynski avoided the death penalty with a plea deal. Susan Smith is also serving life in prison. SourceRead the charges against Jared Loughner here.

  • Each one gave her a book deal. She doesn’t give a damn about her clients, just how much money she will earn from the book.

    Expect for Loughner to plead Insanity.

  • Who is paying for this kiss ass attorney? SEIU, aclu, huffy po, democratic party? This murdering scum bag deserves one bullet to the back of his head if and when he is found guilty. They will find him insane and he will get life in an institution. I hope he OD’s on Thorazine and Stelazine.

  • Ellen

    Findalis: Do you just make it up? Judy Clarke has never written a book and has no book deals. She keeps a low profile, turning down most media requests and she lives a very modest lifestyle. She is in this neither for the fame and certainly not for the money. Some people actually believe in the Sixth Amendment.

    • My mistake. She is just your average Liberal do-gooder. Bleeding heart and all. I understand the Unibomber wants a trial, he says that she forced him to take a plea.

  • Steve-o

    The first two commenters need to get on their meds. Indeed Judy Clarke has never written a book. And as to the question of who’s paying her, we all are (non)Patriot. She was appointed to the case by the federal defender’s office. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting Judy, and Ellen has her pegged.

  • Kya Tuvo

    People, calm down. Even those of you so apparently eager to commit libel, even you have a right to a court-appointed attorney. Did you think McVeigh was wealthy, or the Unabomber’s family? No, even though the crime is heinous, its perpetrator has a right to a trial guaranteed under the, Ta Da! US Constitution! It’s so easy, isn’t it, to criticize and pass judgment. Much harder to actually study and know something.

  • Ellen, Steve-o and Kya Tuvo, the first thing I did was ask if this is pro bono or the family is wealthy. It’s an honest question. I don’t know how these things work. I understand that he is appointed a federal attorney.

    Having said that, I made no other remarks but to point out what is reported about Clarke’s high-profile cases.

    To the average person out here, living our lives lawfully…we are a bit aghast at the legal help supplied courtesy of the tax payer to these creeps who never contribute anything to society. Obviously her expenses will be paid. She lives out of state. It will be a huge expense, but then isn’t everything these days. We pay with our lives and we pay with our wallet.