Jared Loughner College Record – Bizarre Threatening Jared Loughner

Pima Community College has finally released the frightening records of Jared Lee Loughner’s bizarre and threatening behavior while attending the school.

Jared Lee Loughner

The school believed Loughner might be mentally ill. They though he might be doing drugs or alcohol. After reading the following snippets from the New York Times, can anyone explain why any school would put up with a student disrupting everything he did within the school? Is it the tuition they wanted? What condones keeping this man on campus?

…after a series of bizarre classroom disruptions in which he unnerved instructors and fellow students, including one occasion when he insisted that the number 6 was actually the number 18, according to internal reports from the college.

Loughner was described as having a “dark” personality, as creepy, hostile and suspicious.

He sang to himself in the library. He spoke out of turn. And in an act the college finally decided merited his suspension, he made a bizarre posting on YouTube linking the college to genocide and the torture of students…

Many acquaintances and friends and fellow students at the college have talked about his outbursts and inappropriate behavior. The reports describe how Mr. Loughner behaved when confronted or questioned about his actions, and the images and perceptions that officers from the college’s Department of Public Safety recorded show a mixture of behaviors, by turns odd, belligerent or silent and removed, sometimes all in the same encounter. Read the entire report at the New York Times.