Healthcare Repeal Vote Wednesday 1-19-11

An unnamed spokesman reveals that the vote on the repeal of healthcare, The Affordable Care Act, that isn’t so affordable – isn’t even close to being affordable, will go forward on Wednesday, January 19th.

Repeal ObamaCare

The battle over the healthcare law is also being waged in U.S. states, who are charged with implementing many of its key requirements. On Tuesday, Kansas took the first step in joining a multi-state lawsuit led by Florida, saying the reforms are an overreach of federal power.

Currently, more than half of all states are suing, and the U.S. government is appealing a recent decision by a federal judge that the law’s requirement all individuals have health insurance or pay a fine is unconstitutional.

Oklahoma’s new Attorney General Scott Pruitt has announced the state will file their own lawsuit and defend the U.S. Constitution in Oklahoma’s federal court system against the Affordable Care Act.

The Attorney General-elect also explained that Oklahoma has the advantage of learning from the arguments the federal government put forth in the legal proceedings with Virginia and Florida, which will allow Oklahoma to introduce new and strengthened arguments to counter those.

Additionally, by filing in Oklahoma, the state will add another circuit of the federal court system considering arguments on the constitutionality of the act.  This enhances the reasons for the Supreme Court to expedite a hearing of the issue.

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