Half of High Schoolers in Placer County Calif Use Marijuana

Drug tests sold for $40 each across-the-counter are available to parents in Placer County, California for $10. Half of the

Discounted Drug Tests for Parents

students in one of the county high schools are believed to use marijuana. Alcohol tests are also available for $2. The drug urine test covers several popular drugs including Ecstasy, heroine, and methamphetamine.The greatly discounted tests are an effort to get parents involved, and make the tests affordable long before the school or law enforcement has to get involved (or… the tests are obscenely over-priced over-the-corner). Read the report here and see a video demonstrating how the tests work.

  • I understand why parents would be confused —about parenting. After the government tells them how to raise their children, warning them that punishing children for untoward behavior violates the constitutional rights of children, parents gave up and let the schools take over. Now schools are complaining that parents aren’t monitoring their children and too many of these kids are on drugs, but it is the schools that actually advocate over-medicating children and actually encourages parents to slip their kids a Ritalin Mickey in the morning before the bus arrives. Now government wants parents to administer drug tests. Truly, this does make a normal person question the benefit of having children at all. Puppies are cuter, less expensive, and never once went on a shooting spree.

  • Mustang, I think you’ve got it figured out! At the end of the video, as I listened to the police officer, it was sad to think that her common sense advice was not already known to the parents.

    Great comment

  • Parents have to be parents… unfortunatly there are a lof of parents who want to be their kids friends… I hope this catches across the USA. My daughter drank and I didn’t find that out till I was clearing the bushes in front of my house and found full cans of beer sitting there in them on the ground, years later.. I was talking to her and told her what I found.. and she said.. “Aaaa Dad.. those were mine..” I was floored…