George Washington Banned at MLK Day Gathering

At the Columbus, South Carolina NAACP-sponsored MLK Day, the bronze statue of George Washington was covered by a black box. Wouldn’t want ol’ George, that wealthy-landowning-federalist-White-guy staring out at the crowd.

George Washing Offends at MLK Celebration

BigFurHat assumes we will try to cloak all images of MLK on George Washington’s birthday, but, alas…we no longer celebrate George Washington’s birthday – we just celebrate presidents.  Bob at The Camp of the Saints says he despairs that race relations will ever improve. We have to wait until Barack Obama leaves office to have an official day for a president’s birthday.

The event was held on the north side of the Statehouse. Who paid for the box, and the union members to put it in place and take it down? The same people who pay for the Washington birthday celebra

NAACP Hides George Washington-Columbus, S.C.

A commenter at I Own the World notes that the bronze statue of George Washington is the same color as MLK, so what’s the problem? Mrs. Belvedere notes that the NAACP sure likes George’s image on our currency,

In 2011, can anyone explain why George Washington would offend the good people of Columbus, South Carolina? Does anyone think MLK would approve of today’s arrogant NAACP? Can you imagine what would happen if “we” covered a statue of Martin Luther King or any Black or ethnic person, especially on a national holiday?

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  • I just saw this as well, and scheduled a post on the topic for the morning. You will be linked. Very important topic, and one that is being ignored by the national “media”.

  • Nothing on the LSM about it that I have heard or seen.
    But it is not surprising giving that Clyburn (D – S.C.)wants to stop all speech and groups that do not agree with the leftist agenda.He introduced such a bill today He wants standards put in place to guarantee balanced media coverage with a reinstatement of the Fairness Doctrine
    Guess that would include poor George’s statue. Maybe we need to take away George’s picture on currency from these folks.

  • What a bunch of trash.

  • michigan

    The NAACP is a racist progressive organization that shames the good name of MLK Jr. This act of covering our first president points to who these people are. What’s next, the Congressional Black Caucus proposing to change the one dollar bill? Don’t put it past them. This act sadly illustrates how far from normal Americans NAACP members are and the cleaver effect the Obama administration has had on us.