Eric Cantor: No State Bailouts No Spending

In an article today, Congressman Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) remarks about no bailouts to states, and no spending on infrastructure and education are quoted, and  deemed “stark.” Stark or not, Cantor wants none of it.

The Hill:

“Cantor acknowledged the need to “address” the nation’s aging transportation system, and cited congested and outmoded aviation networks and crumbling roads and bridges as national concerns. “I don’t think anybody would tell you that our nation’s transportation infrastructure is in a state of existence that we would accept,” he said.

But he struggled to answer the question of how those areas would be improved without more money. “It’s not some easy answer — just spend more,” Cantor said. “That’s not good enough, because the money’s not there. We don’t have the money.”

There is nothing “stark” about telling states to take care of their own debt, or refusing to bail them out. There is nothing “stark” about driving our existing roads for awhile longer, or dealing with a deficit-riddled public transportation system until it can be self-sustaining. There is nothing “stark” about keeping our classrooms the same as they have been for eons now, with only conservatives complaining about them – because the unions are in control, and they’ve done a damn bad job of it. When parents demand their children leave high school with the competence of a “real” “university-ready” high school diploma, I may find an interest in “education investment” once more. Nothing “stark” about letting Teacher’s Unions continue to destroy their own retirement.  I’m beginning to enjoy watching them wallow.

  • Your right, nothing stark at all with Rep. Cantor’s proposals. He is using common sense fiscal sanity where needed.

  • Now if we just had 534 more like him…