D.C. Douglas (Lance Baxter) Interviews Homeless Man with Great Voice

Remember D. C. Douglas who was fired for leaving a rude voicemail about TEA partiers at Freedom Works? Douglas, also known as Lance Baxter, did voiceovers for Geico (not the gekko). He lost his job and has now moved on, but has just done a very nice thing for a man “down on his luck” who has a beautiful, beautiful radio voice – television voice, whatever. See the video below. I think you will love it.

Ted Williams - Man with a Beautiful Voice

The man with the gorgeous voice is Ted Williams. He is a homeless in Columbus, Ohio. What a great story, with Douglas lending a helping hand. I hope Mr. Williams will soon have a job, and God bless both of them. Read the story at The D.C. Douglas BlogRead the story about Douglas and Freedom works here. Update: There is an interview in the works. Read Douglas’ blog linked above.

D.C. Douglas and Ted Williams (video)

  • ReBecca

    Mr. Williams not only has a beautiful voice, which I can’t seem to get enough of, but a beautiful personality as well. I just wanted to hear more of this man’s lovely and soothing voice.

    • Hi ReBecca, he does have a beautiful voice. I was thinking that the success coming his way is about his voice, but without the tender and sincere-seeming nature, he would not be getting job offers.

  • Ran

    Godspeed Mr. Williams, and Baxter can go effimself.
    Baxter has this thing for the mellifluous unemployed.
    Which reminds me… We elected a man who, too, has a beautiful, soothing voice. May he, too, soon be unemployed.

    • Great comment Ran. Some among us did vote that silver-tongued teleprompter in. We’ll be paying for it for a very long time.

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