Congress and GE Robs Rapes and Pillages America Video

The video below shows three Senators threatening Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. GE gets funding to develop an engine for the F-35 Strike Fighter, even though they lost the contract to do so. “But Congress decided they should build one anyway.”

F-35 Strike Fighter

From the Wall Street Journal, January 6, 2011:

Why are three senators urging Mr. Gates to cut a check to GE? For starters, funding for the alternate engine runs out on Friday. And under the continuing budget resolution that expires in March, the government is now funded at fiscal year 2010 levels. That worries the engine maker, because it is still unclear – Mr. Lew’s letter notwithstanding — whether a continuing budget resolution compels the Pentagon to keep funding for the controversial second engine, which Mr. Gates has singled out as an example of wasteful spending.

As a finishing touch, the senators added some strong words.

“If the Defense Department is planning to ignore Congressional intent, we hope that this course will be reconsidered,” they wrote. “Subverting the expressed will of the Congress would be a stunning act of bad faith.”

Were Congress and GE able to rob, rape and pillage America with legislation passed in the dead of night by “unanimous consent?”

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GE Gets Funds for a Contract They Did Not Win! (video)

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