Code Pink Union AntiCapitalist Rally: Call for Revolution “like Egypt’s”

Charles and David Koch, owners of Koch Industries, organized a meeting of wealthy Conservatives in Palm Springs, California. Some of the Republican leadership attended. The anti-Capitalist rally included Code Pink and labor unions, and resulted in 25 arrests by police wearing riot gear. The event spans four days and is invitation only.

Charles and David Koch

The second video below is Andrew Breitbart on the sidewalk talking to Code Pink founder Jodie Evans. Brietbart asks her why she has never protested against George Soro. Listen to her ignorant answer. Source.

We Need a Revolution like Egypt’s to take this country back (video)

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Code Pink, Jodie Evans Protests Billionaire Meeting (video)

  • Ah but surely there is a mistake. Don’t you know that only “teabag” old white people cause riots?
    Not a peep on the LSM. If this had been a group of conservatives protesting it would have been on 24hours straight with no break in sight. Hypocrites of the LSM media and the leftist keep it covered when it is their ilk involved.

  • Hypocrisy all the way. After that idiot’s “Revolution” he and the rest of them would find themselves in a Gulag for life. Cannot let the rabble out to stir trouble.

    • Eddie

      findalis, very good point about ‘the rabble’. These shmucks don’t know how truly free they are.

      Um, wait aren’t they the ‘peace, love, and live’ crowd? I mean, they’re not being hateful like those evil tea-partiers (who have yet to even so much as leave behind litter at any given one of their gatherings). What a bunch of mentally-ill hypocrites these ‘protestors’ are…

  • Ran

    Maggie, we had a revolution – it just went democratically, last year.

  • hosni

    This guy with Code pink a revolution? Bring into my neck of the woods. I’ll light his A$$ up with my AK-47.