Clay Bowler, Conservative Blogger Gets FBI Visit and More

Many of you know conservative blogger Clay Bowler as Bungalow Bill at Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom. Clay is being investigated by the FBI, and by a sheriff with no jurisdiction in the county where Bowler lives. Newly elected Republican Congressman Billy Long, who Bowler opposed verbally on his blogs, believes the obviously effective blogger is a threat to his personal safety . The “Tucson shootings” Political payback has likely prompted the investigation, in the name of saving the lives of public officials from their inquiring constituents. See the threat in the video below.

Clay Bowler - Bungalow Bill's Conservative Wisdom

Newly elected, U.S. Congressman Billy Long (R-MO-7th) caught Bowler’s written wrath during the mid-term election campaign through Bowler’s blog Long is Wrong, which was taken off the web after the November elections. Bowler says he has not spoken with Long since September.

Is this the what we have to look forward to? Accuse a politician of “cronyism” and “corruption,” and get swept up in an FBI investigation?

From KSPR:

Bowler says he was shocked to find an FBI agent, and the sheriff of another county on his doorstep.

The agent asked Bowler if he was a threat to Long, a notion Bowler finds laughable.

I’m not a threat to Billy Long,” Bowler said Thursday. “I find the whole thought very funny, because I’m such an advocate for constitutional rights that I would never do anything that would put in jeopardy those constitutional rights like the Second Amendment.”

Bowler published a blog in 2010 — Long Is Wrong — and said he campaigned against Long because he didn’t think the Springfield businessman would be a good representative for southwest Missouri. Bowler took down the site after the November election, when Long defeated Democrat Scott Eckersley to replace outgoing Rep. Roy Blunt.

Bowler acknowledges confronting Long as some campaign events, but says he did not threaten Long.

Bowler was puzzled why Arnott accompanied the FBI agent. Arnott is sheriff of Greene County. Bowler lives several miles into Christian County.

Today, both The Blaze and Infowars are talking about the attacks on Clay Bowler. From The Blaze:

When it came to the actual investigation, Bowler told the news station the FBI was cordial, but it’s still worrisome that somehow he got put on a list and that local and federal law officials showed up at his door. But, he added, he was told he has been cleared and is not a threat.

Congressman Long’s office is not returning phone calls from The Blaze. Dang, I hate hearing that a Republican candidate-elected official can’t take some hard questions from a passionate conservative.

UPDATE: Bowler posted what I consider an endorsement of his integrity today, written by former congressional candidate, Tim Davis. Here’s a snippet:

…this is not Clay’s first brush with the Federal government. In December, the Federal Election Commission ended a six-month inquiry into his coverage of the 7th district race. The F.E.C. ultimately concluded that Clay did nothing wrong, but only after forcing him to mount a costly defense.

This incident with Mr. Bowler and the FBI is no small matter. If the FBI and Sheriff Arnott acted in good faith, they are plainly inept. If they acted in bad faith, it was for the purpose of silencing a political critic. They felt they could get away with it. And the people of SW Missouri owe it to themselves to protest in the strongest terms.

The fact is, if Long really feels threatened for his personal safety and the safety of his staff, it might be a good thing to talk to the media and describe the threats he deemed to be violent in nature.

Long hasn’t done so, so we can come to only one conclusion – there is no real threat to Long, but Long’s overtly false accusations is a decided threat to Bowler’s constitutional rights to express his opposition to a candidate.  Visit Bungalow Bill’s Conservative Wisdom .

Clay Bowler Shows Video of Exchange with Billy Long

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  • Maybe I’ve listened to Glen Beck too much … but it looks like what he said is coming to pass.

  • Again we see serious personal freedom abuse in Missouri… Imagine that…

    • Fred, Missouri has outdone itself, hasn’t it? Think of what we wouldn’t know without Jim Hoft and Clay.

  • I know Clay, I doubt greatly he’d do anything even close to stupid like threatening somebody

    Maybe Clay was right about Billy Long, tho… all I see here is intimidation/revenge tactic taking advantage of the current environment

    • I agree RR, and now apparently a sheriff told a radio audience that there might be reason to take a look at Bowler – according to comma82. Sounds like we have another Sheriff Dupnik-clone stalking conservatives.

  • comma82

    I challenge Clay Bowler to release the video of the interview with Sheriff Arnott and the FBI. Sheriff Arnott said on the radio this morning that Bowler has a history that gives cause for concern, but can’t violate Bowler’s privacy by airing that out in public.

    Clay meanwhile is trying to play the victim.

    Let’s find out ALL the fact before jumping to conclusions.

    • comma82, you’ll note that I reported the incident and quoted Clay. I don’t know him personally, but I read a lot of his work. As Reaganite Republican says here, it is hard to believe he would ever threaten anyone’s safety.

      According to what I have read, the FBI says he is not under investigations – that they found nothing to investigate.

      It sounds to me like Sheriff Arnott besmirched Clay Bowler. He alludes to devious doings, then claims he is protecting Bowler’s privacy.

      You must see that that is simply wrong. This sheriff went into another county, without notifying the sheriff with jurisdiction. Where is Arnott’s integrity? Is he another Sheriff Dupnik.

      • Red

        Ditto. I don’t know Clay personally, only via bloging but I’ve been in corresponded with him quite a bit and he doesn’t strike me as the type to do anything rash or unconstitutional. I think doing so would make him a hypocrite and go against everything he’s ever written about.

    • By the way comma82, you might want to go over Bungalow Bills and challenge him there.

  • When do you think the FBI and the local sheriff will pay a visit to all those twitters who wished death to Sarah Palin? It should be fairly easy to track them down.

    This is absolutely ridiculous. If this becomes common-place–to visit bloggers who criticize politicians–our country will be in truly terrible trouble.
    Thanks Maggie for sharing this. I’m glad Bungalow Bill is talking about it and writing about it.

  • bungalow bill

    There is a good chance Comma82 is a Billy Long operative. You will see a pattern if you google his alias. For the record, I showed the media the video and offered an explanation on my blog. I have nothing to be ashamed of.

    • Hi BB, yes I caught him leaving the same comment at The Lonely Conservative where I cross-posted. Just my opinion, but if Arnott was on the radio, as this commenter said, and said what is alleged he said, I think Arnott may have libeled you.

      Thanks for coming by and weighing in.

    • Red

      Fight the good fight Clay. I agree with Maggie. Seems like you’re being libeled.

  • Great post Maggie!
    That last statement in the video is no excuse…where Sheriff Arnet knew his own jurisdiction he should have immediately told the FBI they were barking up a wrong tree (county).

    • Thanks Norm. I think sheriff’s just don’t infiltrate another’s territory and then get on radio and accuse the person they were illegally “investigating.” Pitiful!

  • Red

    You’ve been totally linked!

  • Teri O’Brien mentioned your blog on her radio show during her interview with me today, and she will be linking to your post. Thanks for your support.

    • BB, thanks for letting me know. She is a good one to be on with. I see you are writing about Arnott. I’ll be by to read.