Chris Christie Advises Sarah Palin: Meet the Press Head-On

New Jersey Republican governor, Chris Christie has advised Sarah Palin to stop avoiding the press or “she will never be president.”

Chris Christie


The out-spoken…plain spoken, Christie said his townhall meetings, where the crowd was not controlled, where opposition was present, where he took questions “ranging from fawning to hostile,” got the attention of America. Those appearances made him famous and put his face on the map.

“You have to look at it and see, what are they like when they’re tested, what are they like when they’re not scripted, what are they like when they’re pushed,” he said. “And I would contend to you that if Governor Palin never does any of those things, she’ll never be president, because people in America won’t countenance that. They just won’t.”

During Christie’s campaign for governor, he drew attention for telling reporters he did not want Palin to campaign for him, that she would not do him, or New Jersey,” a whole lot of good.”

While Christie is not endorsing anyone for the 2012 presidential race, he says he knows Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Mitch Daniels and Haley Barbour. He said he likes them all, especially Mitch Daniels, but doesn’t say why Daniels impresses him. Maybe Christie will speak to reporters and tell us why he would endorse a man who proposed a VAT tax for Indiana residents. Christie says he will wait to see how each candidate performs before favoring a particular candidate.

Perhaps the governor will just come out and fess-up: he will never support Sarah Palin, and maybe he will give us his reasoning. There isn’t a man among the presidential possibilities that he has spoken of, or alluded to, as he does Palin. He’s been giving none-too-subtle hints for months now, that the lady just isn’t smart. Frankly, it rankles me.

Those numerous state governors that Christy “likes,” have no more experience than Sarah Palin. Palin’s record as Alaska’s governor is spotless. In general, her governorship of Alaska was a great success story.

From the Wall Street Journal:

After handily winning, her popularity in Alaska soared as she went on to sack political appointees with close ties to industry lobbyists and shelved pork projects. Gov. Palin has shown similar fearlessness in going after Big Oil, whose money has long dominated the state. She appears, for example, to have forced Alaska’s dominant oil producers, ConocoPhillips andBP PLC, to finally get serious about a natural-gas pipeline — without making any tax or royalty concessions.

“People see her as the symbol of purity in an atmosphere of corruption,” says Anchorage pollster Marc Hellenthal. “She’s more like Saint Sarah.”

That was before Nicolle Wallace and the writers at Saturday Night Live.

Chris Christie says he will definitely not run for president in 2010, but who knows. In the video below you hear Christy deride the idea that he could be anyone’s Vice-President, the inherent meaning: I’m too strong to be a “vice” anything. He laughs when Kimmel asks if Palin can be president. You also hear conservative radio host Laura Ingraham interview Palin about the Kimmel interview. Palin’s phone connection isn’t great, so Laura explains that Christie is “making fun” of her.

I like Chris Christie a lot. Beneath his pith, I see a very, very competitive side, that we must consider as we hear his 2012 election thoughts. Sarah Palin will be a force to deal with, if she decides to run, as Christie will be a force for the entire Republican field to deal with.

Whatever he says or intimates about Palin should be taken as the view of a political opponent. Having said all that, first, I don’t know who I will vote for, and second, I think Sarah should take Chris Christie’s advice and get it over with. Palin is capable of handling the press exactly as Christie does – boldly. So do it Sarah.

Chris Christie with Jimmy Kimmel – Talking about Sarah Palin (video)

  • You know, I’ve been wondering why she went quiet until I saw a video yesterday filled with dozens and dozens of death threats. It was unbelievable. I’m wondering if they are dealing with the fallout created by the media and putting into place a protective plan for her before she goes out again. These death threats were pointed and specific – Shoot her/assassinate her.

  • Ran

    I smell a RINO in Christie, or at least a “player” friendly with the NE castrati that run the GOP. “Liking” mushies like Pawlenty and Romney does nothing to burnish creds with the base. That he avoids Jindal and Perry suggests to us a few things. Condescending to Palin isn’t helping either.

    Christie is still on probation. Ain’t on my A-list.

    I’ll agree with Christie however: Palin had the opportunity, twice, to assume a dominant role in the interviews with the ninny from CBS, and she failed to lead or to attack. Couric is no genius. Assuming the Alpha position and putting poor Katie in her place should have been Job Number One.

    So Christie called it: Palin’s deficit is command.

    Raw guts and confidence are needed when one is going for the role of ‘Leader of the Free World’ and ‘the President that Restores America to Liberty.’ I haven’t seen them from Palin yet. She’s still too measured, too decent, trying too hard to combat the “anti-intellectual” red-herring thrown at her. If she just re-visioned the Media as moose, we’d get somewhere.

    For the record, she’s my favorite, but she’s still being coy. Of my A-list, only Herman Cain and Donald Trump have announced a genuine intent.