Carlina Renae White Abducted Baby Finds Parents After 23 Yrs.

Carliina Renae White was abducted from Harlem Hospital in New York City on August 4, 1987. The baby was back in the hospital at age three weeks for a fever of 104 degrees, when she disappeared in the wee hours of the morning. Carlina’s mother, Joy White, said she has never given up looking for her daughter. UPDATE 1-23-11: Police have Ann Pettway in custody today for violating parole, but they believe she is the woman who took Carlina White from her mother, abducted her and raised her.

Carlina Renae White

Carlina called the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and started the path to her reuniting with her parents after finding that she could not find a copy of her birth certificate to take the test for a driver’s license.

Allen said Carlina Renae White “called us [and] she said things aren’t the way I think they should be,” Allen said. “We … followed the information she gave us, put together the facts with the NYPD and today she has been reunited with her mom and her dad.”

Carlina was given the name Nejdra Nance. She grew up in Bridgeport, Connecticut and currently lives in Georgia. A DNA test has proven she is the biological daughter of Carly Tyson and Joy White. She says she sees herself in both of her parents.

“I see myself, too,” she marveled. “I see my face, but with a smaller body,” sweetly hugging the daughter she had longed to hold. “I see Carl in her eyes. I see my forehead, my eyebrows, my chin. “She’s just like me,” Joy said, laughing. “We like the same colors. We like our houses to be clean. We can’t go to sleep without the dishes being washed.”

According to The Charley Project, a woman dressed in a surgical smock comforted Joy White, who was 16 at the time, at the hospital. Mrs. White believed the woman was a nurse, but she was not a hospital employee. At the time, authorities believe the woman was the abductor.

In 1989, authorities stated they believed White’s disappearance was connected to the presumed abductions of [three other infants].,/blockquote> White’s parents sued the New York City Health and Hospitals Corporation after her abduction and obtained a six-figure settlement in 1992. They placed half the sum, over $162,000, in trust for White. If she had been located by her twenty-first birthday on July 15, 2008, she could have collected the money. That date passed without White being recovered, however.

It’s a very happy story. Now we’ll hope the other three children abducted at the same time, and believed to have been connected to Carlina’s disappearance, can be found as well.

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