Bush Book Outsells Bill Clinton’s Hugely (video)

President George W. Bush’s new book, Decision Points, has out-sold Bill Clinton’s by huge numbers. In two months, Bush’s memoir sold two million copies, and has not yet been released in paperback. It took Bill Clinton almost SIX YEARS to do the same, with the help of paperback sales. Bill Clinton is honored with being the first Black president. Perhaps it’s Clinton’s personal lack of trustworthiness that hobbled him right out of the gate. See a video below.

George W. Bush

The UK’s Daily Mail is quizzical:

“For someone who mangled words on a regular basis, it’s an impressive feat,”

No surprise to me. Bush came to office and nine months later had Islamic terror on his hands. Clinton had Mon…well…Clinton talked about terror a tad, and did even less about it.

Maybe the American people understand that a man who lived by his faith and through his God-given grace, who never dropped his drawers with the help of state troopers, who seldom uttered a rude word about anyone, and had no need to tell the world “I didn’t have sex with that woman,” is worth listening to.

George Bush did not, and would not have pardoned fugitive financier, Marc Rich in exchange for campaign donations or funds for the Clinton Library and Massage Parlor, and a suspected tete-a-tete with the ex-wife. Bush had his flaws, he made mistakes, but he did not need to hide them from the public. I can argue that his mistakes were his “decision points,” and he doesn’t blame anyone else for them.

Bush’s “mangled words” were understood. He hasn’t called a sailor a “corpseman,” even once, which Obama did twice. Bush knows we don’t have 57 states, and he certainly knows that “the” bomb was not dropped on Pearl Harbor.

While Clinton is often said to be brilliant, it was not brilliant to let a woman into the Oval Office for an illicite affair – a young woman who could have easily blackmailed him. He, and we, are fortunate that Lewinsky did not…fortunate that she was not a modern-day Mata Hari. It wasn’t only about sex and infidelity. It was about breaching the office of the president and possibly national security.  Clinton convincingly lied to Hillary until she actually went on nationwide television to support him and claim it was all a lie and a “vast rightwing” conspiracy. Affair or no, if you think George Bush would ever put Laura, his beloved wife, in that position, you are delusional.

A Crown Publishing spokesman says the sales of Bush’s Decision Points is “remarkable,” and he cannot think of any other hardcover nonfiction books in 2010 that have even sold one million copies. No surprise. No surprise.

George Bush on his most important task, making decisions: Decision Points (video)

  • George W. Bush was NEVER a KKK apologist, as was the despicable Bill Clinton: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g5cKKD1PsSg

  • This is good news. Bush was/is an honorable man who made mistakes but he didn’t risk our national security for his personal gain like Clinton did.

    Wishing you and yours a blessed, happy, and healthy New Year, Maggie.