Blaming Tea Party Sarah Palin for Giffords Shootings

Rep. Gabrielle Gifford’s (D-AZ) father said yesterday that the whole Tea Party was an enemy of his daughter. The Tea Party movement and Sarah Palin will be vigorously blamed for the death of six murdered in the Tucson Safeway parking lot and the wounding of 19 others, including Congresswoman Giffords.

Sarah Palin target map; Gabrielle Giffords' father: 'The whole Tea Party were her enemies'

Sarah Palin published a ‘target map’ on her website using images of gun sights  to identify 20 House Democrats, including Miss Giffords, for backing the new health care law.

Kill Bush, Bomb His House

From the New York Post:

The congresswoman’s father Spencer Gifford, 75, was rushing to the hospital when asked if his 40-year-old daughter had any enemies.

“Yeah,” he told The Post. “The whole Tea Party.”

He added that politicians constantly faced danger.

“They always get threat[ened],” Gifford said, sobbing. “We don’t really have any information. The police department was supposed to call us but they didn’t.”

The map above was published by Sarah Palin as a “target map” identifying Gabrielle Giffords and nineteen House Democrats for removal from Congress in the 2010 mid-term election.

Politicians on both sides of the political divide receive threats, but Tea Partiers, and/or Sarah Palin and Fox News are not among those guilty of issuing threats to life, to anyone, beyond hey, Liberal, we’re coming after your congressional seat, your job, in the interest of our country.

If the Tea Party is considered an “enemy” of the Congresswoman, it must be understood that “political enemies” are necessary in this country. Targeting those against the principles we believe in for political defeat, whether Liberal or Conservative, is what makes our republic work. It is sad beyond expression that Sarah Palin, the Tea Party movement and Fox News is/may be blamed for murder, assassination, and assault with a deadly weapon.

Threats Against Bush Supporters

Read more about Sarah Palin’s accountability and the roar now clearly streaming from the internet and television at The Lonely Conservative.

U.S. District court Judge John Roll, 63, was among the dead in the Tucson Safeway parking lot. Judge Roll was appointed to the court in 1991 by President George H.W. Bush. As we listen to the “right-wing” rhetoric about the deaths and wounding of Rep. Giffords, we must remember that Judge Roll had received death threats in the past:

He had received death threats in 2009 during a civil-rights case in his courtroom filed by illegal immigrants against an Arizona rancher who made citizens’ arrests.

Roll paid no attention to protests on both sides of the issue.

“Politics never bore on any of his decisions,” said José de Jesus Rivera, a former U.S. attorney for Arizona who represented one side of the rancher case. But he was a courteous man, the kind who remembered your name, and your spouse’s name.

In March 2010, Judge roll refused to drop a case brought against an Arizona rancher by “immigrants.” The rancher, Roger Barnett, rounded up illegal immigrants and turned them over to the U.S. Border Patrol. Barnett was sued for violating the civil rights of illegal aliens.

His sprawling ranch became an illegal-immigration highway when the Border Patrol diverted its attention to several border towns in an effort to take control of the established ports of entry. That effort moved the illegal immigrants to the remote areas of the border, including the Cross Rail Ranch.

“This is my land. I´m the victim here,” Mr. Barnett said. “When someone´s home and loved ones are in jeopardy and the government seemingly can´t do anything about it, I feel justified in taking matters into my own hands. And I always watch my back.”

But…Barnett didn’t kill anyone. The attorneys, whose services he no doubt had to pay for, made his case in court. Here are the essentials of the court verdict:

They lost 12 of 16 plaintiffs (10 dismissed, two defense verdicts on everything),

2 of 3 defendants,

their hope for atty fees award (which requiring winning one of the federal claims)

and got a total of under 0.5% of the $32 million they wanted,

and that’s likely reversed on appeal.

Barnett was found guilty of detaining the illegals and the infliction of emotional distress, but not false imprisonment, battery or conspiracy.

Death to Christian Terrorist Pig - Bush

Judge Andrew Napolitano described Judge John Roll as a quiet, methodical, hard-working conservative Republican.

I'm Here to Kill Bush

Frankly, I am astonished that Sarah Palin is still alive.

But, seriously, just look at the negatives: she’s a popular first-term governor, she’s a woman, she’s happily married, she has five kids, one of them with Down’s syndrome, she’s a maverick, she’s from waybeyond the Beltway, she’s taken on both the Republican Party and Big Oil, she shoots automatic weapons, she can kill a moose with a butter knife and fillet a sea lion with a smile, her husband’s a roustabout Eskimo snowmobile champ, she’s a hockey mom, she was Miss Wasilla, she looks like she should be playing Cecily, the saucy librarian, in Tom Stoppard’s Travesties, and she doesn’t wear pantsuits…

But she’s not a Democrat, which despite her va-va-va-voom appearance, means she’s not really a woman..

But sometimes the mask slips and you can see — whoops! — how much we hate you. Normally we’re against hate in all its forms, and embrace tolerance as one of our defining moral attributes. But when it comes to you conservatives, well, with the best will in the world, we just can’t tolerate you. You’re elitist, you’re judgmental, you’re hypocritical, and we know that deep down you hate us even more than we hate you. Therefore, by any means necessary, we will defeat you this fall. Voter fraud, “walking around” money, legions of lawyers, as many recounts as it takes — bring it on!.

Because we need to take back our country. We need to take it back from fascists like George Washington and Abraham Lincoln and Teddy Roosevelt and Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush, and give it back to its rightful proprietors, patriots like Henry Wallace, Sidney Hillman, Norman Thomas, Gus Hall, Karl Marx, Leon Trotsky, Joseph Stalin, Saul Alinsky, William Kunstler, Abbie Hoffman, Jerry Rubin, David Dellinger, Tom Hayden, Bobby Seale, and, yes, my guy, the Talking Parrot, you know who.

The above is from David Kahane writing for National Review Online in September 2008. The intensity of the hate for Sarah Palin has not diminished, but has escalated to shocking heights.

In March 2010, Rep. Eric Cantor’s (R-VA) campaign office received a bullet through a window. At the time, Cantor said Rep. Jim Clyburn (D-SC) was “fanning the flames” claiming Republicans are aiding terrorism. See that video here, along with documentation of death threats against conservatives.

Remember when Barack Obama used Senator Clair McCaskill (D-MO) to threaten McCain-Palin supporters with law enforcement? Remember how the media handled the threats against George W. Bush?

…in the past, whenever someone threatened Bush at a protest, there was a deafening silence on the part of the media and the left-leaning blogs, and consequently very little (if any) follow-through on the part of the Secret Service….

And the only reason I’m publishing the essay is that many Obama supporters — to my astonishment — now claim that Bush was never threatened at protests. ~ Zomblog.

Rep. Giffords is a supporter of the Second Amendment – a citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. There will be a renewed push now to quash that right. We can expect to have much less access to our legislators. The wall between We The People and Congress will heighten, the gap will grow wider after this tragedy in Tucson.

I join all Americans in praying for Gabrielle Gifford’s recovery, for her full recovery and her quick presence back on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. I also join all Americans who want justice for Giffords and all those so brutally brought down in the shooting. One comfort we have: no worries about the Department of Justice doing the right thing. Jared Loughner is a White man. He will receive the full measure of Eric Holder’s wrath, as well he should, but…

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Graphic courtesy of The Telegraph

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  • Loughner is evil and most likely insane – criminally insane. Trying to pin the blame on anyone else is just awful.

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  • The claims from the left are false and hypocritical. This is a good one Maggie, I’ll link it tomorrow.

  • Loughner is mentally unstable and evil. He is the only one to blame for this tragedy. The Left is despicable the way they are using this horrible tragedy for political gains. I linked you on my latest post.

  • It’s fun seeing lib spin doctors squirm when in the last two days they’re reminded of the crap the left has been spouting about former President Bush.. .. the hate comes from the left.. I see almost none coming from the right except for when I’m yelling at my tv when I have to listen to one of them.. lol

  • Mark De Monbrun

    Maggie……Blame-shifting will do nothing to calm the storm.

    • Give it up Mark.

    • that’s true Mark.. The left has it agenda, and this tragedy, only excites them.. They can hammer away at the consciousness of America till we pass laws, out of a hope for good, but in actuality, it just reduces the wonderful liberties we already have lost because of the very rare occasions that a terrible tragedy like this happens.
      I have a book on the life of Lincoln written the year after he was assassinated. It was written by a friend of his. He recounts a heated political debate in Lincoln’s county. It was held in a barn that stored hay or cotton.. not sure which off hand. He was on the second floor sitting on a chair with the drop down door open.. It was where they dropped hay or cotton down through the floor to the first floor. He was hoping no one knew he was there, so he sat there listening as the rhetoric and the insults and threats increased.. Till finally the whole crowd broke out in a fist fight and lives were threatened… Suddenly, Lincoln, all 6 foot 4 inches of his slender frame dropped out of the ceiling and he slammed onto the floor standing up. It startled everyone so much, that they stopped the mayhem.
      So you see, what you hear today in campaigns, on radio and TV is nothing compared to what went on 140 years ago. That’s America. We have differing opinions. It isn’t wrong to have them. But when a sheriff says that one side is stopping the other side from doing good for the country, you have the makings of control and the desire to control… that’s dangerous and we have to be vigilant against that at all times no matter the sheep’s clothing and sweet smiles.

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