Bill Maher on Rightwing: Fun to Kill Opposition: Stop the Constitution BullSh*T

Bill Maher is on with Jay Leno in this video. Maher is unhinged. He quotes the “rightwing” saying “wouldn’t it be fun to kill the people we disagree with?” Listen to the audience reaction to this maniacal rant. He asks them if they “read.” “Stop the bullsh*t about the Second Amendment and the Constitution” he says.

My hubby asks if Maher reads? Does he think all the multitudinous murders committed with guns across this armed and crazy country are NRA members? Do gang members have a NRA membership card in their wallet. How about Major Nidal Hasan, the Ft. Worth killer? Do we know if Jared Lee Loughner had the same in his wallet? I’m betting he did not.

Does Maher think Joe Zamudio is armed and dangerous? Zamudio is one of the heroes of the Tucson shooters, who took the safety off of his holstered weapon, and rushed toward the gunfire, because people were getting “hurt.

This godless leftwing “douche bag,” (his words) Bill Maher, is essentially damning Joe Zamudio, and everyone like him – the heroes of the past and those who will be forced to risk their own lives to save themselves and others in the future.  Can it get anymore despicable than Bill Maher? No doubt we will prevail in keeping Maher in a state of panic, as we work to protect the Second Amendment and the Constitution from his egregious bullsh*t.

Bill Maher Unhinged on Tucson Shootings (video)

  • D.O. Galloway

    Leave it to Bill Mahr and Jenine Garafalo to ALWAYS take the Constitution AND the Second Amendment out of context. After a frustrating 4 hours trolling Youtube, the lack of facts regarding the REDUCTION of crimes because persons like Joe Zamudia ( who tackled and sat on Gabrielle Giffords shooter). 99% of my search words, ( ‘republican hate speech’ or ‘democrat hate speech’ and variations brought up anti-republican videos primarily…Grrrrrrr. What we need is another good crisis, Mr. Obama !

  • Hi D.O. A search engine that can’t be bought would help our cause as well. Thanks for visiting and commenting. I really appreciate it.

  • See, to me hell isn’t fire and brimstone and Sisyphus and all that. Hell has to be forever stuck in a studio audience with non-stop Maher (who shows you what a Cornell education is really worth), Garafalo, Bernhard, Goldberg, and Behar.

    For that reason, I will continue to do my best to live a virtuous life.

  • Maher is just another pretentious liberal windbag who wanders through his fantasy land continually bumping his head on the rocky outcrops of reality.