Bill Clinton Hosting Fox Special + His Own Gig on Fox?

Surely not – but yes, the deal is sitting on Clinton’s desk, according to Roger Ailes.

Bill Clinton

Well, I talked to him. The problem with Bill is he won’t be as good on a talk show as you’d think. Because, first of all, he never shuts up. I mean he cannot hit time cues. But I went up to Harlem, I met with him for an hour, an hour and a half, I asked him to do a special, which he’s still thinking about.

I’d like to have it; I’d like to have him do a special for us. The problem with him in a talk-show mode is not that he’s not charming, good, smart, and glib. He is. But he loves to talk about policy. He’s actually a policy wonk. So if you really want eighteen minutes on ethanol, he’ll give it to you. But it won’t get ratings.

So you have to be able to produce him and say, “Most people are not that interested in ethanol, Mr. President. What we’d like you to talk about is this.” And if he would stick with current affairs and stick with the clock, he’d be one of the great talk-show people in the world.

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  • No… Bubba was confused, he thought they said “Would you like to host some special foxes” lol

  • He should do what George W is doing. Keeping his mouth shut and not to comment on politics. I thought FOX had more class than this.

  • I think that a Clinton show would actually be interesting. Clinton is the genius that Obama is not. It would be good to see some guests spar with him on the issues. They had better bring their A game though.

    • Matt, Bill will get Hillary elected. I really don’t want to see him on Fox.

  • Ok, fine with me … as long as they put him on say about 3AM.

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  • I don’t think Fox could control Bill Clinton. A show needs direction, structure and don’t forget when Bill gets cranky and lectures, its not a pretty sight. Bill is also easy to anger. I wouldn’t watch it.

  • z

    I’d puke, pardon the language. Just what REpublicans need..the media will LOVE this and we’ll never be able to say how CONSERVATIVE TV has such high ratings; they’ll give all the credit to Clinton. Watch for it.
    And get rid of that damned Shep Smith, please.