Bank Robber with Hostage Slips on Ice: Hostage Runs – Robber Dead Video

In an incredible scene today in Tacoma, Washington, an alleged bank robber exists a bank with a female teller as his hostage. Police with guns drawn are waiting for him. He walks the hostage in front of him as a shield. As he tries to walk backwards over a pile of ice and snow he slips and falls. The woman runs toward police and the robber follows with his gun just a short distance from the woman’s back.

Police fired and he is dead. Very dramatic video below.This photo still shows the robber only inches from the woman as she reaches police.

Bank Robber with Hostage Slips and Falls on Ice (video)

  • The thing I noted was that this gentleman didn’t blame Palin or Rush.. He just reported the facts.. How refreshing. Sorry, was what I was thinking as I watched this video. I’m so glad that hostage had the courage to run.. man what a scary moment.

  • They say you should never leave the scene with a criminal or kidnapper. Your odds of survival go down greatly. Better to be shot running away, most criminals are bad shots especially when they are in a hurry.

    • Opus, I was surprised, as she ran to the police, reached them, and kept going that the police didn’t do anything. I’m sure they couldn’t in that flash moment with the gun her back.

      I’ve told myself for years, that if anything happens in an open area, I will not get in the car with someone. I hope I would have the courage to follow my plan.

  • I think I saw George Bush encouraging the bank robber with non-civil words….(LOL)

  • Norm, you have NO idea what you’re talking about… it’s clearly Sarah Palin’s fault!

    Only a foolish, racist, anti-progressive would dare think otherwise~

    • Neither was at fault. It ws the fault of the Zionists. Those evil Zionists.

  • CarolHS

    Are you certain this is Tacoma, WA? Sounds like Maryland to me: Prince George and Montgomery County, Tacoma Park, and the Maryland symbol on the police officers badge.

    • CarolHS, thanks so much for that information. I changed it in the article. As I was posting this, the thought crossed my mind that Tacoma, Washington had had some very serious events involving police recently. Again, thank you!

  • Norm and RR, I don’t know where you guys get your news. My source says that it was definitely Michele Bachmann in a short wig.

  • OK, I give up, it was me! After all I think somewhere in my distance past I inherited a drunken Irishman’s criminal gene mixed with my great, great, great, grandmother on the French side of me that had an axe to grind with Louie the 14th… This reminder of my inherited status brings up another point…through no fault of my own, my parents brought me into this world as a U.S. citiizen and I think that’s unfair…I wanted to be an illegal alien so I could advance my status in the world…just think, I could have been President of the USA if only my parents were smart enough to lose all records of my birth…

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