Bachmann’s Constitution Seminars: Scalia Schools Congress

Rep. Michele Bachmann (R-Minn), chairman of the Tea Party Caucus, has invited Supreme Court Associate Justice Antonin Scalia to address a bipartisan group of House members on the U.S. Constitution. Scalia will talk. Attendees can ask questions.The first seminar will be held about one hour before the 112th Congress holds its first vote, which, at this time has been unannounced.

Antonin Scalia

Some reports say the seminars will be held bi-monthly, and others say they will be weekly. In the video below, Bachmann says those interested in the Constitution will meet once a week to study it, the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights.

Note that the seminars are bipartisan, IF, Democrats choose to attend.  Bachmann’s Tea Party Caucus is open to all members of Congress, but so far, only Republicans have attended. The Caucus says its goal is to hold the Congress to legislating in accordance with the U.S. Constitution. With no Democrats as members, we can only assume they see no advantage in bringing constitutional principles to The People’s House, because Lord knows, we haven’t seen much of them for years.

Our Constitution and Bill of Rights “constitute” our federal government. They state what the government can do. What isn’t stated, can’t be done.  When there is a question of passing constitutional muster, the Supreme Court is the final arbiter. Now, a Supreme Court Justice comes to Congress to teach constitutional principles. How many Liberals do you think give a flip?

The second video is Washington Post’s Ezra Klein. He says the Constitution “has no binding power on anything.” I think he still has his job. The first video is courtesy of Right Wing Watch

Michele Bachmann: Seminar on US Constitution (video)

Second video courtesy of Citizen Wells:

Ezra Klein: The Constitution “has no Binding Power on Anything” (video)

  • Ran

    Thanks Maggie – I’m a supporter of Bachmann’s from the ’10 campaign. My donation was money well invested in our future. Bless Michele – she will be making a huge difference.

    • Ran, that’s exactly how I felt about these seminars. Absolutly, blessings for Bachmann and her work in the House.

  • DUDE! This is great. I want to attend a Scalia class too, I’m so jealous. But our reps need it the most. If only the bad ones cared a whit what the Constitution says. They study the Constitution to try to defeat it, like our enemies of old.

    • LOL Opie, that exactly what I told hubby: I want to go to a Scalia class. See…great minds:-)

      This is work if they and we stay at it. Every congressional member straying must be made to be ashamed.

  • I wonder if they’ll have this on CSpan?

  • I believe Michele Bachmann is the voice of America. Too bad every state doesn’t have one of her.