Amman Jordan Protesters in the Streets: Muslim Brotherhood Involved in Jordan.

As Cairo is burning, with government tanks in the streets and with sunrise less than two hours away, we hear that a sizable anti-government protest is underway in Amman, Jordan.

Amman, Jordan

According to Financial Times, thousands were in the streets of Amman, as well as other towns, demanding the resignation of Samir Rifai, the prime minister. As in Egypt, the people want better living conditions, they want to elect their prime minister and Cabinet officials, now appointed by the King.

Noticeable is information that The Muslim Brotherhood , the country’s “main opposition party, is involved in Jordan’s unrest, as it is in Egypt.

From CBSNews:

“We will continue our protests until our demands are met,” said Brotherhood spokesman Jamil Abu Bakr, referring to their calls for electing a prime minister and Cabinet officials; amending a controversial election law they claim had reduced votes in their favor; and implementing reforms that would eradicate corruption and introduce a transparent government policy.

The CBS article quotes Labib Kamhawi, an independent analyst, saying no one wants to see a regime change in Jordan – but the do want accountability and transparency, and the freedom to participate in decision-making.

Jordan’s King Abdullah II says that Jordan will address the “popular grievances” of the people, with “transparent programmes of political and economic reform.”

  • I don’t care if Satan himself is behind it all, we need to stop propping up rotten regimes. The stinking sewer known as the middle east needs a good cleaning, and only the people who live there can do it.