ACLU Challenges Hawaii Senate: Democrat Senate Dumps Prayer

Keep in mind this happened in a senate with only one Republican elected to serve the people of Hawaii. Only.One.Republican. The Hawaiian Senate has been told they cannot survive a court challenge against their daily prayer practice, leaving the option to have a time of silence or an invocation that calls only on nothing…certainly not the Almighty God. That was an option, but the senate body voted to do away with all prayer.


Sen. Sam Slom, the only Republican in the 25-member Senate, pleaded for making prayers voluntary rather than eliminating them altogether.

“The Senate must stand for something and not back away when there are challenges by individuals or organizations who make it their point nationally to have this as an objective,” Slom said. “As intelligent as we may be, we can still call on someone higher to help us and guide us.”

The Hawaiian House of Representatives opens with prayer not gummed-up with a specific diety. According the report linked above, Hawaii is the only state legislature that forbids prayers. Did I mention that of a 25 member senate body, there is only one lonely Republican?

Via Gateway Pundit