A Healthy New Year Means a Healthier Chair

I’m starting 2011 with continuing to be blessedly happy and healthy by spending my blogging time in a healthier chair, with a healthier mouse that will relieve many self-induced achy problems. My new chair, lovingly provided by Santa and our son, is a Sealy-Posturpedic. Who knew they made desk chairs?

My New Chair

Now my arms and wrists are properly supported (new gel wrist pad as well), shoulder blades back and feeling wonderful. My desktop is unusually high, so with the taller seat position I am viewing my computer monitor without bending my neck. A very, very good thing.

My New Chair

My new smart mouse…a magic mouse, zooms wherever I want to be, with no pressure on hand or forearm.

My new Smart Mouse

This was an electronic gift-giving Christmas for my family. I am now the proud owner of a Kindle and find I am loving it, especially for non-fiction. I can highlight and make notes, and have them collated and organized automatically. If I want the book in my real library, I’ll buy the trade paperback. I have a lot of hardbacks, but really prefer trade paperbacks, or maybe a lovingly used hardback.

Santa now has Apple TV, which means we can stream music, movies, and TV series direct from my iMac or his Apple laptop to our flat screen. Our daughters, son-in-law and GRANDgirls provided a freezer full of beef filets and other goodies, as well as a lighted cover for my Kindle.

You can see that I was a very good girl in 2010. My blessings are endless. My family is my heart ♡

Update: I explained this in comments but should do so here also, I think. The Kindle was my Christmas present. Then…Santa and son noticed how I was positioned at my desk and that culminated in a visit to the office supply and the Mac store for the chair and mouse. The Apple TV is a gift from our son. I still insist that I was a very good girl in 2010!

  • Good for you Maggie. Stay healthy so you can continue to put out comments and stories on one of the best blogs America has.

  • Carl, what a very, very nice thing to say. Thank you so much, and thank you for reading, commenting and caring that information gets out. It’s what makes it all worthwhile. Happy New Year!

  • Santa was very good to you Maggie. You deserve to be treated nice! Happy New Year!

    • LC, the real truth is, the Kindle was my present. Then hubby and son started talking about my office and the miserable chair I was using, and the many problems from it, and off we went to the office supply:-)

      Our son gave us the Apple TV. Thanks for the lovely comment! You are a fabulous blogging friend.