Votes Have Consequences: FCC Will Neuter the Net

Establishing yet another government regulation, this time from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC), deceptively named “Net Neutrality,” you can be assured there will be no neutrality but plenty of neutering with the Democrat’s hands all over your internet. Folks, our votes have consequences. Putting a Democrat in the Oval Office also tilts the FCC Board to three Democrats and two Republicans.

Neutering the Net

From The Hill:

Tuesday’s strongest statements came from the Republican commissioners, who said the agency is overstepping its authority and attempting to act as a lawmaking body.

“The FCC is not Congress. We cannot make laws,” said Republican Commission Robert McDowell, describing Tuesday as “one of the darkest days in FCC history.”

“The era of Internet regulatory arbitrage has dawned,” he said.

He also predicted the effort will get shot down in court.

Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) says he will work to “reverse” the “hostile takeover of the Internet by a government agency acting illegally,” and suggests Congress should demand proof of “market failure before making new rules.”

Democrats, naturally, are unhappy that FCC regulations do not go far enough to stifle your freedom and mine.  William Teach at Pirate’s Cove has more. Graphic courtesy of which has an interesting article on what to expect from net neutering, although it is dated January 2010 and the regulations actually passed may be somewhat different. More details from Hot Air.

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  • What troubles me more than anything is how the FCC is moving ahead with this, even after the courts told them they should not do so.

    • LD, the courts mean nothing to the people in this administration. Everyone is so radical. It’s all just shoved in our face, and off we go to court.

  • Ran

    Snip! Snip!
    The answer, of course, is a combination of de-regulation, de-funding, disincorporation and straightforward criminal investigations and prosecutions.

    Boucher and his pals are in clear violation of the Law. There shall be arrests.

    • Ran, I wish I shared your optimism about arrests. My expectations have plummeted as I see that the NE Republicans will continue to serve as Democrats.

  • You are right on target, Maggie! I have a post up on this subject as well today.

    Senator DeMint is becoming my biggest hero in DC. I hope the new congress gives this FCC board of petty potentates the pimp slap they deserve.

    • Silver, your post is excellent. I linked you in mine. I also really like DeMint. I think he and Bachmann can get more than a few things done. What can be done in the Senate is another thing.

  • These thugs will stop at nothing to control everything they can. Jim DeMint is a damn hero right now!

    • Hi RandyG: After START passing, I believe they can do everything. Hopefully I’ll wake-up in a more positive mood tomorrow:-)

  • It seems like the were sneaky about this, but John Fund’s piece yesterday completely reveals the powergrab as a collusion between government and far left activist organizations. I hope we take this attack seriously. Thanks for posting on it Maggie!

    • Hi Shane, oh I think this has been a plan for some time now. It’s just one more step to complete government regulation. They haven’t set the Fairness Doctrine aside either. They want to take licenses and give them to women and minorities. They will not give up easily.

      Good to see you Shane. Hope all is well with you.

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