Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act Reveals ClimateGate Coverup

A Virginia state legislator requested ClimateGate documents from The University of Virginia under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA).

University of Virginia

University officials said the requested documents surrounding Professor Michael Mann’s Hockey Stick Graph research was no longer available. Virginia State Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli used the Virginia Fraud Against Taxpayers Act to force the discovery of relevant documents.

The University of Virginia has admitted they lied about the material’s availability. But…they still refuse to satisfy the FOIA. In other words, they are still refusing to turn over the documents.

Another Virginia state legislator has introduced a bill making public employees subject to firing and fining for violating public information laws, and another that will require all documents created by public officials to be classified as subject to public information laws, or exempt from them. “Exempt from them?” That leaves the door wide open. Stay tuned.

Update Dec. 2, 2010: Read the latest distinguished physicist to boldly call global warming a scam and a pseudoscientific fraud.

Thanks to Climate Depot

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