Vapor Trail Otherwise Known as Chinese Missile?

This video claims that the unknown “vapor trail” not far off the coast of California on November 8th, or more accurately the unknown “contrail” was from a single source nozzle, probably a Chinese missile, probably shot from a nuclear submarine. And there was a coverup, and the coverup came directly from Barack Obama. And the media knows the truth and is helping with the coverup.

Vapor Trail a Chinese Missile?

This report from Joseph Farah says the FAA has confirmed that there were no aircraft in the area at the time of the sighting. Brigadier General Jim Cash is quoted:

“The question that still must be answered is why NORAD’s muted response was simply that North America was not threatened, and later our government approved the lame excuse that the picture recorded was simply an aircraft leaving a contrail,” said retired U.S. Air Force Brig. Gen. Jim Cash.

“There is absolutely no doubt that what was captured on video off the coast of California was a missile launch, was clearly observed by NORAD, assessed by a four-star general in minutes, and passed to the president immediately,” he said.

Even more ominously, cautioned Cash: “We must question the timing of this shot across our bow. The president was abroad being diplomatic, which means trying to placate China which is becoming overly concerned with our handling a totally out-of-control deficit in spending.”

We didn’t have advance warning and we didn’t take action, other than that of a coverup. The inability to pick up a Chinese Jin Class submarine launched ballistic missile, if that is what it was, isn’t the first time U.S. Navy anti-submarine warfare sensors have failed.

We all saw the vertical trail that couldn’t possibly be an airliner, yet when our government lies to us, and is supported by the media, especially about hostile activity near our shorelines, there is little we can do. I don’t know if the information in this video is true or not, but it makes much more sense than the vapor trail of an airliner – especially if the FAA statement of no aircraft in the area is true. Here’s the video. What do you think?

Chinese Missile Shot from Sub Off California Coastline (video)