Union Corruption Report Hidden by…Obama? Campaign Donation Payback?

Would it interest you to know how many union leaders were prosecuted in 2009, if they embezzeled, and if so how much? Are union leaders extoriting their own members or others? Would you want to know who has been indicted – especially since many pensions funds have been bailed out, or are hoping to be? The Office of Labor Management Statistics (OLMS) should release such an annual report each year. Magically, since the Time of Obama, the 2009 report to be released January 2010 – wasn’t.


What a shocker! Even a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request by Americans for Limited Government (ALG) was ignored. Is this Obama’s payback for at least $400 million in union donations to put him in the Oval?

From The Daily Caller:

ALG’s current head of research, Don Todd, who led OLMS during the Bush Administration, told The Daily Caller he doubts it would be too difficult for the Obama administration to release that information, as they’re supposed to keep track of it all year long. He also said that this administration’s failure to release the report is “freakishly incompetent.” He suspects politics is to blame.

“It’s got to be a political decision,” Todd said in a phone interview. “You know, I ran the agency during the Bush administration, and it’s the career people that put the thing together. So, the fact that it’s not out is a political decision.”

Todd said he thinks the decision to withhold that information comes from the Secretary of Labor’s office, though, not President Barack Obama.

“I wouldn’t think it would reach anywhere near that high of a level,” Todd said, referring to why he doesn’t think Obama is calling these shots. “But, the Labor Department is pretty much owned by the union movement now. A lot of the people who work there are from the movement.”

“Freakishly incompetent?” Dang! How naive can Todd be? A union corruption report would not rise to the level of this particular president’s office? The point is, the report is far overdue – like a year overdue. People get paid by taxpayers to create the report. The report covers the corruption of Obama’s chosen. A FOIA request has been filed with no performance.

John Lund is the Director of OLMS. This report from the Competitive Enterprise Institute says the following about Lund, who was a professor at Wisconsin’s School for Workers. (school for workers???)

Lund consistently argued on behalf of the AFL-CIO for weaker union reporting standards. It seems likely that the “revised” forms will allow unions to hide their expense more easily. The revisions are another reward for Big Labor at the expense of transparency.

Big Labor has a big problem in Congress – but some big allies in the Obama administration – allies that union bosses are using to achieve in the back room what they cannot achieve in public. Still after investing over $400 million to help elect President Obama and other Democrats throughout the nation, Big Labor is expecting a big return.

One of the duties the OLMS is charged with is protecting union members from their own leaders. They obviously need protecting.  Here’s the report released in 2008:

WASHINGTON, 03/14/2008 — The U.S. Department of Labor’s Office of Labor-Management Standards (OLMS) today announced its criminal enforcement data for February 2008. During the month, OLMS obtained eight convictions, 11 indictments and court orders of restitution totaling $185,318. The office’s totals for fiscal year 2008 (which began on Oct. 1, 2007) now stand at 49 convictions, 57 indictments, and court-ordered restitution of $1,251,798. The bulk of the cases involved the embezzlement of union funds.

These totals represent increases of 20 percent (41 to 49) in convictions and 39 percent (41 to 57) in indictments over fiscal year 2007.

“This financial restitution, as well as the convictions and indictments, highlight the vital role OLMS plays in protecting America’s union members,” said Deputy Assistant Secretary for Labor-Management Standards Don Todd. “We continue to be proud of our work to eliminate wrongdoing against unions, and our efforts have resulted in the successful prosecution of almost 850 individuals since 2001. We also have obtained almost 900 indictments and obtained court orders of restitution for more than $103 million in that time.”

OLMS is the federal law enforcement agency responsible for administering most provisions of the Labor-Management Reporting and Disclosure Act of 1959 (LMRDA). The agency’s criminal enforcement program includes investigations of embezzlement from labor organizations, extortionate picketing, deprivation of union members’ rights by force or violence, and fraud in union officer elections. The agency’s civil program collects and publicly discloses unions’ annual financial reports, conducts compliance audits of labor unions and seeks civil remedies for violations of officer election procedures. In certain cases, OLMS also conducts joint investigations with other Labor Department agencies including the Employee Benefits Security Administration and Office of Inspector General, as well as law enforcement agencies including the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

On June 28th, 2009, PostalEmployeeNetwork.com posted a report of investigations done in the first 6 months of 2009, available from the OLMS website at that time, but since deleted.  There’s embezzlement, falsification of expense reports, grand larceny, etc. Just another day in government service. Michelle Malkin has more on Obama and Unions, such as “pay-offs (your money and mine) in the works.”

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