UN Climate Panel Wrong Again? Significantly Wrong?

Research expert, physicist Syun-Ichi Akasofu predicts temperatures in 2100 will rise  only 0.5C  plus/minus 0.2C higher than today. The U.N.’s Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) has ventured a guess at 4.0C plus or minus 2.0C – a huge difference. This is just a prediction, and a prediction made for the year 2100, so none of us know for certain that temperatures will rise or fall, but scientists can make these predictions. We must consider them, but if you have faith in the U.N.’s science, I urge you to do more research, and as you research, think about who has the motive to convince us the earth’s warming is such that it is dangerous to human life.

Akasofu's Ice Age Recovery

Akasofu is an acknowledged climate change sceptic – although he prefers the term critic – and his prediction is based on an attempt to separate out the effects of naturally-driven warming from man-made greenhouse warming. Akasofu states that the warming trend recorded during the nineteenth and twentieth century may be a combination of a natural recovery from the so called Little Ice Age mixed in with greenhouse warming.

The natural recovery:

Akasofu’s paper, “On the recovery from the Little Ice Age,” has been published in Natural Science. During the Little Ice Age global temperatures are believed to have around 1C lower than today. The Little Ice Age is thought to have begun around 1200 and to have ended in the period between 1800 and 1850. Since then, global temperatures have been recovering at a linear rate of around 0.5C per century with the effects of multi-decadal oscillations superposed, according to Akasofu….

Read Akasofu’s Key Points at Report Climate Science.

The IPCC is wrong (and I believe criminally wrong)  on about every point. If you have faith in the U.N’s IPCC, please, please do some more research. You can start here, under the category Climate Change/Global Warming.

  • As with so many other areas, the fallout from the collapse of the global warming scam will have negative repercussions that will haunt us for years. When we lose faith in science, the rule of law (see the FCC’s defiance of court orders that it has no authority of the internet), the stability of our currency, and other significant areas, I think the tables are being set for an unstable period of history.

  • Country Thinker, great comment. Losing faith in science isn’t something most of us thought could be a reality on a large scale. Seeing the Rule of Law ignored, trampled, kicked to the dust, and even laughed at by Congress and the administration, has been like a punch to the stomach only much worse.

    I am counting on House Republicans to hold the line until we can get control of the Senate. I may be naive, but I think something extraordinary has happened to the American people. If we can’t make it right and lawful right now, we will do so sooner or later, and the suffering will make us all the more determined.