Tulsa World Editorial: Compares Christmas Parade to Ku Klux Klan Rally

The Tulsa World Editorial today titled “Holiday Parade – There is No Threat to Christmas,” wants Tulsan’s to get over the loss of our 70-some-year Christmas Parade. After all, we can apply for our own event, as did the Ku Klux Klan with their Tulsa rally.

We weren’t told last year that our Christmas parade had changed names. We couldn’t have guessed it. But there were objections, so this year the organizers of the Holiday Parade of Lights sent out forms and applications for sponsors, floats, etc. and three times…count them three, referred to the parade as The Christmas Parade of Lights. Not one time did he, Larry Fox, refer to the Holiday Parade of Lights.

Had parade organizers come out last year, or this year, and said we will not have a Christmas parade, although Christians can join us in our Holiday parade if you wish…or get your own permit, I think Tulsans would have gotten that permit and we would be celebrating Christmas and the birth of Christ in the streets of Tulsa, as we have for so many years.

From the Tulsa World’s anonymously written editorial:

Now some members of the City Council want to deny a similar permit to the Holiday Parade of Lights unless organizers change its name back to the Christmas Parade of Lights.

Sometimes you can only shake your head in disbelief at the antics of our city government.

Chritsmas parades only happen at Christmas. We have holidays all year long, so why hijack what Tulsans have long-loved, that can only happen during the Christmas season? I believe I am correct when I say that through the years our Jewish friends have participated in the parade and joined the crowds. There is no outcry from the Jewish community that this is not a Chanukah parade. If they wanted one, I’m sure we would have one, and I’m sure Christians would support it and many of us would be in attendance.

Sometimes you can only shake your head in disbelief at the antics of our daily newspaper, The Tulsa World, which never met a socialist idea it didn’t hail. In a city overwhelmingly conservative, we have only this raging Liberal rag.

To demonstrate the lack of credibility of this paper, here’s the cartoon on today’s Opinion page:

Cutting Medicare and Social Security Cagle Cartoons”]

Republicans Cut Medicare & SS

Who is cutting Medicare? Is there anything left to cut after Obama shaved $500 billion out of the program? Republicans have said they will defund ObamaCare and restore the billions to the Medicare program. So who is cutting Medicare and who is cutting Social Security? Who in Tulsa believes this drivel? Who selects these disingenuous cartoons? And speaking of drivel? Who believes that a permit for the Christmas Parade is the same as a permit for the Ku Klux Klan? No wonder the Tulsa World has to hawk their newspapers outside of Sam’s Wholesale.

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  • BLR

    How shameful that people think they must eradicate the Christian element in our heritage. The majority of Americans are Christian, were rasied in a Christian home, or celebrate Christmas as secular fun. Now here come the PC Police to make sure that there is no public character to our culture, just vague “holiday” theme events.

  • It’s the culture war folks. It doesn’t take a holiday. Come to think of it, yes they do…literally!

  • As a Jew, I enjoy Hanukkah. And I also enjoy seeing Christians celebrate Christmas. Why does the celebration of Christmas have to be seen as “taking away” from anybody else’s holiday. Why does Christmas have to be denied!

    In my youth I sent out “Happy Holiday” card in order to avoid offending people, or so I thought. I have been educated since then. Now I wish people a Merry Christmas or a Happy Hanukkah. And a Happy New Year, too. No more Mrs. PC here.

  • What the hell is happening in OK?

  • Like the NYT, 90% of the papers in this country are fit only to line the bottoms of bird cages. And they probably won’t do that very well.

  • A town that I once lived in a few years back had their parade. The “city of diversity”, as they love to call themselves, had their Downtown Holiday Parade with Santa dressed in Black. Someone reasoned because it was an “evil corporate giant” that first dressed Santa in Red (that would be Coca Cola according to their rationale but Santa appeared in Red years before Coke was invented). Then there was the issue of “churches” participation. Actually it was not an issue, Churches were not allowed to participate if they had anything resembling the Nativity Scene or if they were singing Christmas Carols traditionally sung in church.
    Of course the “Diverse” groups (Wiccans, tree worshipers, drum circle people, leftwingnuts, progressives, old lost in space hippies and Yuppies) loved the idea.
    It was a flop of course as many stayed away and only those mentioned and those who could find their way out of the many “diverse” bars watched as Santa and Mrs Claus all dressed in Black rode through the streets of the San Francisco of the east.

  • Sounds like a deliberate hiding of the name change to me, on those application forms. Probably knew people would protest and maybe even not participate in a ‘holiday’ parade, so he deliberately hid that. As for the paper, it’s amazing how just a few people who have control of the press can print stuff that is a minority opinion and try to make it sound like you’re a dope and in a really small minority if you don’t agree with them. It’s why the left wanted the media, and thank God! we have so much great citizen journalism going on now. As in you, Maggie, and so many others.