Tulsa Holiday Parade Solicits Sponsorships Under Tulsa Christmas Parade Name

In 2009, Tulsa’s Christmas Parade of Lights morphed into Tulsa’s Holiday Parade of Lights, taking many Tulsan’s by surprise. This year the Tulsa Holiday Parade of Lights is scheduled for December 11, but an application went out solicitating funds and sponsors under the name of the Tulsa Christmas Parade – which has a history dating back 70 years. Even the organizers know Tulsans want their historical Christmas parade back in downtown Tulsa. See information on a name-change protest at Tuesday’s City Council meeting on December 14th. Details at the end of this article. See a video below.

Tulsa Christmas Parade 2003 Tulsa Firefighter's Educational Clowns

This year, parade goers and other interested people in Tulsa and surrounding areas are expressing their sadness and outrage that Christ has been removed from the parade event, yet again this year. Today listening to the David Arnett Show on Tulsa’s KRMG, I learned that Larry Fox [in charge of the event] solicited floats and sponsorships in the name of the Tulsa Christmas Parade of Lights. Clearly, participants have been led to believe the December 11th parade is a Christmas parade. KTUL – Channel 8 Television, which appears to be one of the event sponsors, has announced The 2010 Tulsa Christmas Parade of Lights. The following are pertinent portions of the letter/application from Larry Fox, taken from the Google Quick View (there is also a pdf):

Tulsa Christmas Parade of Lights 2010 Float Application – Due October 15, 2010 This is an application for participation in the 2010 Tulsa Christmas Parade of Lights. This is designed to provide the producers of the parade with important information about your organization’s proposed involvement. If your group is accepted, this will be used for production and planning purposes. Please include complete information that is typed or printed clearly so we can properly represent your organization. You may attach additional information if necessary. The parade organizers reserve the right to accept or reject any unit application. If your group is accepted for parade participation, you will receive a confirmation letter. [The application portion to be filled in goes here]

Hold Harmless Agreement ________________________________ (name of organization) if selected to participate in the 2010 Tulsa Christmas Parade of Lights, hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Tulsa Charity Christmas Parade Inc., the Tulsa Jaycees, KTUL-Channel 8, the City of Tulsa, and any parade supplier from any and all liability arising from injury or loss resulting in bodily injury or property damage to any member of this organization or third party, which results directly or indirectly from our participation in the 2010 Tulsa Christmas Parade of Lights to be held in Tulsa, Oklahoma, on December 11, 2010 at 6:00 pm.

Send completed application to:

Tulsa Christmas Parade of Lights C/O Larry Fox

[address, phone and fax redacted]

There is another pdf online titled 2010 Tulsa Christmas Parade of Lights Sponsorship Opportunities FINAL Sponsorship Opportunities. It provides a lot of information but I cannot verify who prepared the document. There is no contact information. Seems “Christmas” is used for the benefit of signing up participants, and bringing the people out to the December 11th parade [making money] but…it’s not really a Christmas parade.

Earlier this week I wrote about Senator Jim Inhofe refusing to ride in the parade until Christmas is back. As far as I know, Inhofe is holding to his decision. Today he rode horseback in the Broken Arrow Christmas Parade.  David Arnett of KRMG and TulsaToday.com will be protesting the name change on Tuesday morning at the Tulsa City Council Meeting at 9:30 am, December 7th. Arnett welcomes your presence. Contact him at TulsaToday. If the video below does not work, click the link below.

  • Its only Christmas to get your cash? Shameful……..

    • RandyG: Yes it is shameful, and I doubt Fox gave a thought to this revelation.

  • You know, if America continues to remove the Christ from our Christmas we might just see G_d turning away from us…that could lead to some hard times…oh wait…..nevermind.

    • Holger, yes, terrifying, isn’t it. Nevertheless The Almighty sees us fighting and trying to restore what we helped bring down by our inattention. It’s a fight we have to win.

  • nchupp

    Christians have your own parade. Pull out of the Fox Parade.

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  • Ann

    You hypocrits should be ashamed. Your other idiot senator is holding up aid for the people of Haiti that are starving and dying and yet you exspend all this self righteous outrage about a parade that you believe is celebrating the birth of Jesus. Remember him? Feed the hungry, clothe the naked…? Anything coming back to you? You people give the real message of Jesus a bad name.

    • By the way, Ann. You come here and the first thing you do is start calling names. That’s because you have no valid arguments.

  • Ann, one more time: why is it you think a 70-year tradition should be changed in Tulsa, with no discussion, but major deception?

    Coburn wants the Haiti funds paid for, and had several ways to do that. Liberals refused. After all, Pelosi reinstituted PayGo.

    When people like you strike back about taking care the hungry and clothing the naked…that’s a good clue that you probably seldom ‘give.’ You know nothing about anyone on this page.

    Again…why is it you think a 70-year tradition should be changed in Tulsa with no discussion, but major deception?