The View: Weeper of the House has Emotional Problems

The Hags of the View now refer to House Speaker-elect, John Boehner, as the Weeper of the House, and Barbara WaWa says he has an emotional problem, when in fact, he has a problem with his emotions, which is a completely different matter.

The Hags of The View

The View women curse at times – especially when their emotions are out-of-hand (example: if Islam is condemned as a ‘problem’), as when Behar expressed her disdain of Glenn Beck and Republican Sharron Angle. Whoopie cursed at Bill O’Reilly, and showed up stoned on one episode. Joy Behar is chronically angry, ugly and sour. Have you noticed how difficult it is for an ugly soul to cry? Barbara Walters is jealous that Leslie Stahl got the Boehner interview.

If Boehner gets the job done, he can be The Weeper of the House – especially if he uses that raw emotion to bury Democrat policy. “Crying” and “burying” seem to fit together nicely.

The View: Boehner the Weeper of the House (video)

  • Hags is right. These gals are no ladies.

  • They are all a bunch of feminazi socialist pigs. They are so uncharitable and just downright mean and offensive.

  • Mike

    You couldn’t get me to watch them or pay me enough to even listen to them. That goes for the botox queen and the original hildabeast. And lots more besides.

  • Tab

    LOL…. You want to talk about classy women? Didn’t you start by calling them hags. The women of the view are right on target and there is no denying that. Having a political party and belief causing you to lash out at these women who state how they feel AS WELL AS MANY OF THE REST OF US FEEL and calling them classless, etc. is ridiculous and the pot calling the kettle black. Boehner is third now. If we lose the president and vice president, Boehner will be President. I can see it now, he’s meeting with top officials of Iraq, and crying like a baby. We don’t need Boehner or his agenda. The man is to weak and selfish, without care of the U.S. PUBLIC, but rather himself, his aspirations, his achievements, HIS MONEY.

    • Tab, the thing about you Liberals is you say ridiculous things like

      “the women of the view are right on target and there is no denying that”

      What do you mean there is no denying it? That’s not much of an argument.

      I’m sure you loathe the possibility of Boehner being president almost as much as I loathe Pelosi being president.

      As for the crying, most Conservatives hate it. That was the point of the article. I wish he would not do it – especially so often, but the fact that he does, does not disqualify him from being an excellent speaker.