The United States Constitution – Who Are the Constitutional Destructors?

This video discusses the U.S. Constitution. What was the intention of the Founding Fathers? Is the Constitution flawed? Is it a living breathing document? Taking part in the dialog is historian David Barton, Glenn Beck, and Judge Andrew Napolitano. Here are a few highlights in note form:

US Constitution Signers

The Signers of the US Constitution

Hear Napolitano talk about Woodrow Wilson and how he changed life in America…but not for the good of the country. Herbert Hoover imposed ruinous tariffs, and  made it impossible to import goods at a fair market value. Hoover’s reputation as a champion of the free market is a myth. “He was as bad as Theodore Roosevelt and laid the ground work for Franklin Roosevelt. Hoover was a Republican in name only.”

Thomas Jefferson and Grover Cleveland were the fiercest defenders of the Constitution. Cleveland vetoed more legislation for lack of authority from the Constitution, than any other president.

Thomas Jefferson’s Five-Fold Purpose of Government:

1) Acknowledge and adore God [because from God comes our unalienable rights)

2) Exercise frugality [in spending and power]

3) Restrain the infliction of injury [keep bad guys from hurting other – leave the good guys alone]

4) Encourage entrepreneurship, free enterprise [from entrepreneurship comes our prosperity]

5) Protect property, earnings of citizens [government cannot take our property or our money]

We must understand the Declaration of Independence to understand the Constitution. There are five fundamentals found within the Declaration:

1)…that they are endowed by their Creator;

2)..with certain unalienable rights

3)…to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among men.

4)…the Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God

5) [Government power] flows from the consent of the governed

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The U.S. Constitution – Who are the Historical Constitutional Destructors? (video)

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