The 12 Daze of Christmas as You’ve Never Heard It

I found this video back in October while looking for a cookie recipe by The Anchoress (see the link below). In the video, you’ll hear The 12 Daze of Christmas as you’ve never heard it. Come on now…everyone join in.

Fay McKay The 12 Daze of Christmas (video)

If you are trying to keep up, that’s Fay McKay, and she’s singing about 12 dry Martinis,11 Bloody Marys, 10 dry Manhattans, 9 Margaritas, 8 sweet Old Fashioneds, 7 Johnnie Walkers, 6 Cuba Libres, 5 dry Rob Roys, 4 Old Fitzgeralds, 3 Old Crows, 2 Cutty Sarks… from Wizbang

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Fay McKay died in Las Vegas at age 77 in April 2008.