Strong Men Do Cry and It’s Okay – John Boehner’s Tears…again

I know most of my readers will disagree with me about Speaker-elect John Boehner’s frequent tears, when I say strong men do cry and it’s okay – okay with me, at least. It’s who he is – a strong man who cries frequently. It’s my opinion that when you cry about righteousness, it is a show of strength, no matter your gender. See the video below.

John Boehner

If Boehner turns out to be not so strong, in other words, not so genuine, not so authentic about righteousness and values, I’ll change my opinion. My hubby is disgusted at Boehner’s “weakness” and completely disagrees with me. I love him to pieces anyway. He can’t be right all the time.

John Boehner with Leslie Stahl: Strong Men Do Cry and It’s Okay (video)

  • He can cry a river every day for all i care…as long as he NEVER, EVER reaches across that aisle.

  • Holger, I think they’ve already done it with the death taxes and the pork. I wonder if they can overturn the death taxes in January in order to go ahead and keep the tax extensions?