START Favors Russia: 13 Republican Senators Vote for START

The august Republican senators, 13 of them, who enabled the approval of the new START Treaty, without reading it, without discussion, without amendments now must deal with experts saying Russia is favored and essentially give up nothing that wasn’t headed for the deal pile, anyway. Not so however for the U.S.

START Treaty

The 13 Senators willing to hinder American defense without knowing what Russia would be tasked to do are:

Susan Collins Maine, Olympia Snowe Maine, Bob Bennett Utah, George Voinovich Ohio, Bob Corker Tennessee, Lamar Alexander Tennessee, Johnny Isakson Georgia, Richard Lugar Indiana, Thad Cochran Mississippi, Scott Brown Mass., Mike Johanns Nebraska, Lisa Murkowski Alaska, Judd Gregg New Hampshire.

Voinovitch and Bennet are not returning to the Senate. Remember the others in November 2012, and don’t forget that these Republicans agreed to vote for the Treaty without seeing the Negotiation Records. That’s a first, and they did it in a lame-duck session. They voted without knowing whether or not Russia was given an advantage over the U.S. While it was not necessary for the whole Senate to see the record, it was necessary that some committees had access to what Obama wrought.

From the Republican Policy Committee which asks “How can the preamble be meaningless, but kill the treaty if removed? :

First, it should be made clear what a treaty killer amendment is.  It is any amendment seeking to remedy an issue with the treaty the Russians steamrolled us on during the negotiation process but which New START proponents do not wish to adopt because protecting American interests will annoy the Russians and perhaps jeopardize entry into force of the treaty.

The language in the Treaty preamble was all the evidence needed, to know that the Senate should have seen the Negotiation Records before voting…because…what if…the Treaty weakened the U.S. position of missile defense.

Russia must phase out Soviet-era missiles and war heads that are already out of date, if they approve the Treaty, which won’t happen until sometime in January. When signed, maybe Obama will see his Nobel Peace Prize justified.

Russia’s Defense Minister, Anatoly Serdyukov crowed the following in a speech to the Russian parliament last Friday. From Breitbart:

“We will not have to make any cuts to our strategic offensive weapons,” Serdyukov told sceptical lawmakers from the Communist opposition. “But the Americans — they will indeed have to make some cuts.”

The Post and Email has a good article by Ron Ewart quoting Nikita Krushchev: “America will fall without a shot being fired. It will fall from within.” In The Great Weaponless Conquest of America:

However, an ambitious man or men, need not shed blood anymore, to conquer a nation.  They only need to exploit man’s ignorance and stupidity and his inability to be aware of what goes on around him.

First, they infiltrate government at every level with their trained followers and set their agenda with new law, after new law.  Increasing control of the masses, over a long period of time is their goal.  They don’t need guns to control the people; they only need willing subjects who are looking the other way.

Second, they take control of the news media and the venues of information and feed the people what the patient, silent conquerors want them to know.  Third, with the help of the government that they now control, they establish “their” curriculum in the public schools and colleges, pumping out brainwashed converts with each graduating class.

Finally, they buy off the large segments of the people with promises from the public treasury.  Then, with their long-range plan percolating nicely through the culture, they hide in the shadows, wait 100 years or so and lo and behold, the people, without even being aware of it, are openly supporting the conquerors, oblivious to the fact that they have now become slaves of those they adoringly follow.

God help us. Our Senate is in the final stage.

From Breitbart:

…analysts said that Russia’s real problem was that even these lower missile and launcher ceilings were too high for the country to keep pace with the United States.

Soviet-era missiles such as the Saber SS-22 are rapidly approaching their expiry date and technical specifications mean the weapon has no purpose if its nuclear warheads are taken out of commission.

“START is not the problem here,” said the respected military commentator Alexander Golts. The problem is that Russia has to retire more delivery vehicles because of ‘old age’ than it has the funds to produce.”

There is the deceptive requirement that inspections actually prove that Russia is obeying the treaty.

But the required phase-out of old missiles is not the only thing working in Russia’s favour. New counting rules will also allow it to attribute just one warhead per bomber even if it carries more — a point insisted on by Moscow during the treaty negotiations.

The U.S. is facing a nuclear Iran, Iranian weapons in Afghanistan and Palestine, and their missiles piling up in Venezuela.

David Hunt at the Nashua Telegraph:

The same Iran whose military writes about and tests the feasibility of unconventional electromagnetic-pulse attacks on America. The same Iran whose leaders openly predict a world without America.

Iran, North Korea and others are ramping up their missile programs, while Obama and the Senate promise to not build defenses. Instead, they roll the dice that a Cold War, mutually-assured-destruction mentality with enemies that range between North Korea’s psychotic and Iran’s jihad-suicidal will protect us.

At what point does Obama’s coddling and appeasement of those hostile to America’s very existence start to alarm? At what point will the prime lesson of the Holocaust penetrate – as survivor Elie Wiesel once stated – that “when someone says they want to kill you, believe them”?

North Korea is threatening South Korea – a fight we have vowed will also be ours if necessary. Much, much is at stake.

In the video below actor Jon Voight is interviewed by Mark Steyn, sitting in for Sean Hannity. A quick look around the Internet and you see Liberal blogs are yucking-it-up that Voight has an opinion about START. I have an opinion about the poster-girl for Democrat ignorance, Janeane Garafalo. Michael Moore, Jane Fonda, Lady GaGa, Cher, Sean Penn, Matt Damon, Danny Glover, Oprah. The list of Liberal Hollywood “experts” is endless. Voight’s point is simple: Our protection and the protection of our allies, depends on the strength of America. Russia’s future world, from their viewpoint, may depend on the weakening of American might.

Mark Steyn on Sean Hannity – Interview with Jon Voight (video)

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