Sarah Palin Gets Her Caribou (Video)

I missed last night’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska episode, when she goes hunting with her Dad and she…gets her caribou, but the video below tells the story.

Sarah Palin Gets Her Caribou

“in many remotes areas of Alaska there’s no grocery store nearby. It’s 4 or 500 miles away. We’re down to just five moose packages, three caribou packages… It’s time to get out there and go caribou huntin’.”

A word about hunting and Sarah from Ted Nugent:

“There is no debate. There is no contest. There is no alternate choice to hunting than to hunt. So to the Sarah Palin family, like all my Alaskan blood brothers… in every state in this nation… and all across the globe where we the people continue our hands-on connection to that which sustains us, it is a win, win, win. Wildlife thrives, habitat is optimized for air, soil and water production and the cycle of life with or without us will go on,” Nugent explains. “It’s really so simple it’s stupid.”

“Davey Crockett, Daniel Boone and Sarah Palin baby, the trifecta of hands-on conservation. They are my heroes,” concludes Nugent, who has also appeared with Palin on the campaign trail.

My blogging and artist friend David Lemon watched last night’s Sarah show and said he spied a bumper sticker, perhaps on Sarah’s father’s car that went something like this:

Vegetarian: a word for ‘poor hunter’

Sarah Palin Gets Her Caribou (video)

  • She may be the only one with guts to stand up to our enemies.