Rush Limbaugh on Sarah Palin ‘Presidentiality’ Video

I’ve said many times here that I’m not sure whether I will support a Sarah Palin presidency, simply because I don’t know what my choices may be when the race begins to solidify, but never have I said or thought Palin was “not presidential.” Those who crow this vapid observation are not seriously thinking about what it takes to be a conservative president. Rush Limbaugh says he hears from his friends often that she is not ‘presidential.’ In this video he shows us how he handles it.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush Limbaugh on Sarah Palin’s ‘Presidentiality’ (video)

  • Every person you hear say that Sarah Palin is not qualified for the Presidency or isn’t “Presidential” has simply had his or her decision-making ability usurped by the Main Stream Media and Saturday Night Live. You know, in 2008, if the MSM had decided that they would go all out and paint Barack Hussein Obama as a Marxist ideologue, would he be “Presidential” today?

    • No, had even a smidge of real reporting been done, Obama wouldn’t have gotten to the primaries.

  • Sarah Palin is a force, I would not hesitate to vote for her……

    • RandyG, I agree, Palin is a force, and I like it. I’m sick and tired of GOP fossiles loving to grasp that hand across the aisle on the way out the door for cocktails.

  • TexasVet

    Everyone has their source of information, even Rush. Maybe he doesn’t reveal all of who they are either. The MSM has nothing noteworthy any longer, so we all have to dig up the facts somewhere else.
    Palin? Have a read. And while you’re at it, read up on others lack of Presidentiality.

    • TexasVet, I’ve done quite a bit of reading. One thing I try to do is get the facts and make up my own mind.

  • Rush always has a creative take on these issues. He is right about the Reagan comparison.

    • Matt, yes he was spot-on.