Ronnie Hasties Thanks to God Penalized on Football Field

Two videos here: the first is a high school semi-final match championship game at the Tacoma Dome between Tumwater High and East Valley. Tumwater wins the game 63 – 27. Running Back Ronnie Hastie makes the touchdown, drops to one knee and raises his hand to heaven, presumably giving thanks to God. BAM! Hastie gets a yellow flag thrown right in his face and a 15 yard penalty for ‘unsportsman-like conduct.’

The second video is an interview with Ronnie Hastie and his father, who is a football coach.

Thanks to teresamerica

Running Back Ronnie Hastie Tumwater High

Interview with Ronnie Hastie and His Father

  • The church of irreligion has grown out of control.

    • Hi Trestin, today I heard that a high school graduation ceremony that has always been held in a large church, can no longer do so because of “separation of church and state.” Moving to another venue will cost the school $30,000. What high school can afford $30,000?

      It’s time we began addressing the false use of “separation of church and state” by Liberals and activist judges. The way it used in the court room is a lie.

    • Trestin, another thought: I don’t think I would feel great about a Muslim player removing his shoes, getting on his knees facing Mecca and rocking back and forth. That’s the problem with these examples.

      I believe we should have the Pledge of Allegiance and a flag in every classroom. Today I’m uncomfortable with prayer in the classroom because I don’t trust the person leading the prayer. Our environment makes it necessary for parents to take care of their child’s spiritual center.