Republicans Party of Hope and Change? Republican D-Day January 5?

Writing for the Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard’s Fred Barnes characterizes the opportunities of the new House Republican majority as “breathtaking,” and says we can be the party of hope and change.

Fred Barnes

The Republicans’ strategy is to use the House as a battering ram to force their proposals and ideas to the top of Washington’s list of priorities. By passing spending cuts — a new one every week –and curbs on government activism, the goal is to put Democrats and the president on the defensive.

“They’re going to vote against everything,” says Ohio’s Rep. Jim Jordan, head of the Republican Study Committee, the influential group of House conservatives. “Democrats are going to be the party of no.” And they’re going [to…sic] have a lot to say no to.

The Republican assault is breathtaking in scope. D-Day is January 5, when Republicans start to do business as the House majority. At least five committees are getting ready to take part.

Fiscal hero, Rep. Paul Ryan (R-WI) says “We can’t be daunted,” “We shouldn’t be intimidated….”  Spot-on!

More is in the works, including ObamaCare, Medicare, S-Chip, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. Read it at the Wall Street Journal. What do you think about Republicans being the Party of Hope and Change?

  • The Rs BETTER be the new party of ‘hope ‘n’ change’ or at least the ‘stop the madness’ and ‘stop the spending’… or America will become Amerika