Republicans Have Taken First Step to Defund ObamaCare

At least that’s the way uber-Liberal columnist Ezra Klein sees it.

Ezra Klein

From The Weekly Standard:

Two weeks before taking over control of the House of Representatives, Republicans have already succeeded in starting to defund Obamacare. As Ezra Klein, a zealous Obamacare supporter, writes in the Washington Post, “The Senate passed the Continuing Resolution [by a vote of] 79-16…. Another way of saying that: The Senate voted to defund the implementation of both health-care reform and financial-regulation reform.” Shortly thereafter, the House followed suit, by a vote of 193 to 165. This result was achieved because, in Klein’s words, “The omnibus spending bill collapsed,” preparing the way for the continuing resolution.  Klein frankly says:  “[T]his is bad news for the health-care bill.”

Weekly Standard blogger, Jeffrey H. Anderson agrees with Klein’s assessment, saying it is a good first step, on the road to deciding the 2012 elections:

Republicans need to continue to defund Obamacare, conduct oversight hearings, and resist the urge to seek partial repeal or to start implementing this monstrosity at the state level. In short, they need to do everything possible to help set the stage for the election battle of 2012, which will largely decide the nation’s fate for a long time to come.

If anyone doubts the stakes for the next two years, this pithy Washington Post review of the historically awful Congress that just adjourned should make them sufficiently clear: “A Congress that was dominated by Democrats passed more landmark legislation than any since the era of Lyndon B. Johnson’s ‘Great Society.'” You don’t respond to such a Congress in any way other than determinedly working to overturn the damage it has done.

Ezra Klein, 27, once accused Senator Joe Lieberman (I-CT) of causing “the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people” because he refused to support ObamaCare.

Such mean-spirited rhetoric in the vein of former Congressman Alan Grayson, deserves to be followed by depression and despair. Klein’s writing repeatedly reminds us that his I.Q. to analyze the news has not kept up with his age. If Klein got it right this time, and this was a first step, then I like it, but I want to hear the announcement from Congressman John Boehner after the swearing-in on January 5th, that the fight is on, and will be fought on the battlefield of defunding and repealing, not a partial repeal and rework. The still-Democrat Senate will want to dally with the existing law, but Republican senators must strap-in for a rocky ride, hang-on and get to a microphone every chance they get. Just tell the American people what is going on behind closed doors (if Republicans are allowed behind closed doors). Give “we the people” a chance to join the battle for defunding and repealing.

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  • How did this 27 year old become so knowledgeable? About anything? Another Harvard educated mental defective with a pen and an opinion?

    • Randy, you’d think working for Howard Dean would disqualify him from Liberal rarified air.

  • I pray for a full and complete repeal.

    • “Full and complete repeal” – absolutely Opie.

  • Bad news for Obamacare is good news for freedom, liberty and the Americans who still cherish these God-given rights

    • Silver, I hope we’re up for the fight, because I know Democrats are.

  • Scorched earth on ALL the rubbish they rammed down our throats over the last 18 mos- it’s what the voters want, that should be enough of a reason for the GOP to unwaveringly steamroll ObamaCare right into the ground

    • RR, couldn’t agree more. Those 12 newbie Senators must make a difference.

  • Repeal and replace is the way to go. I love it when the left laments the plans that are actually supported by the people, especially those that have already lost their plans, or doctors.

    • Matt, I’ve noticed we seldom see signs supporting ObamaCare these days. I think people are beginning to understand – which won’t stop Congress’ adoration of it.

  • I hope it is buried real soon

    • Fuzzysdad, you “implant” post is too, too good. I hope everyone here runs over to see it.

      I want it dismembered and cremated. Thanks so much for coming by and commenting.

  • May the “Force” be with the newly elected Republicans and I pray they can get Obamacare completely repealed.

  • With a 79-16 vote, nearly as many Democrats voted for the CR as Republicans. It may have been compromise, but they obviously didn’t dig their heels in to defend their “legacy” landmark legislation.

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  • All I know is that I am working at a large biotherapeutic company in Clayton NC and I support Barack Obama with all my energy. I invite all my friends and colleagues to re-elect Obama in 2012!! I LOVE YOU OBAMA