Rep. Luis Gutierrez: I Only Work for Immigrant Constitutents

Luis Gutierrez

Is there anyone not Hispanic living in Congressman Luis Gutierrez’ 4th District in Illinois. Well, yes there is, and you should know your congressman is not representing you, and is cheeky enough to say it out loud!

Whites make up 45.5% of this conveniently gerrimandered territory, which includes a highway but nothing on either side of it. Blacks make up 4.3%, Asians 1.8%, Native Americans 0.7%, and 42.1% “other.” I’m assuming the “other” is the large Hispanic and Latino communities in the 4th.

There’s good news and bad news: if you are White, Black, Asian, or Native American you have no one representing you in the halls of Congress. If you are of Hispanic heritage, Luis Gutierrez is your man.

“I have only one loyalty, he says, “and that’s to the immigrant community” ~Luis Gutierrez

When Luis Gutierrez took office in 1993 he swore to:

“take this obligation freely, without any mental reservation or purpose of evasion;”

“Evasion?” Wouldn’t you say he is purposely evading legislation intended to benefit the whole of his constituency?  Or…maybe he considers the larger contingent of his constituency, the Whites, as immigrants? Maybe everyone is recently off the boat from Ireland?

So fellow Chicago Americans, those of you considered persona-non-grata in the eyes of your Congressman, who has missed 11% of the votes since he has not represented you [11% is high], in fact, is in the 90th percentile of “the worst 10 percent of Congress,” what are you going to do about Luis Gutierrez?

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