Philly Mayor Puts Christmas Back in Christmas

Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter is putting Christmas back in Christmas, or at least back in the signs that light up the German Christmas Village at City Hall. Philadelphians were rightly outraged, and a city councilwoman accused Nutter of disrespecting Christians – because you see, it is about Christ and Christians. There would not have been a German Christmas Village with out Christmas, so to those taking exception, set up your own non-believers village outside a mall somewhere.

Philadelphia German Christmas Village

The lights spelling out the word ‘Christmas’ were removed from the sign on Monday. Four days later they are going back up. Apparently a few city employees complained that ‘Christmas’ was inappropriate.

Nurnberg ChristKindles Markt

If you have been to any one of Germany’s Kris Kringle Marts or ChristKindles Markt, the most famous being in Nurnberg,  you know it is  a winter fair of sorts as well, that happens at Christmas time for a reason – Christmas happens only around the birth of Christ. Don’t let anyone fool you that “winter” fairs, with Christmas in the title traditionally, has nothing to do with Christ in the minds of the majority of people. It’s same whether in Germany or in Philadelphia.

  • BLR

    I suppose the few employees whose pc outrage was set off could go look for a job at another outfit that doesn’t recognize Christmas. I wonder if the outraged employees planned to work Christmas Day or refuse to accept any holiday pay related to Christmas?