Parent Trigger Law Throws Out Teachers and Unions

A new California law known as “The Parent Trigger” allows parents to take over failing schools and oust the teachers and their unions. Governor Arnold Schwartzeneger is praising the movement spurred by Parent Revolution, an organization based in Los Angeles.

Parent Revolution - Parent Trigger

Targeted is the city of Compton’s Compton Unified School District and specifically McKinley Elementary. The Los Angeles Times says school officials and “powerful teacher union leaders detest the Parent Trigger.”

Parent Revolution was required to collect the signatures of at least 51% of the parents of the children at McKinley Elementary. A small group of parents gathered signatures in excess of 60%:

The petition drive calls for a charter school, operated by Celerity Educational Group, to be established at the site of McKinley Elementary. If things go as planned, Celerity will start classes this summer.

This from Schwarzenegger:

For the first time in California’s history, parents whose children are stuck in failing schools can take action to transform them. Parents at McKinley Elementary have been desperate for change, and today they have come together to ensure that their children have access the effective teachers and quality education they deserve. I encourage other concerned parents throughout the state to use these new tools to improve their children’s schools.”

One family reports that after signing the petition that will hopefully give their son an opportunity for a better life than they had, he was harrassed on school grounds. Others were allegedly “threatened with deportation,” and “traumatized”  by teachers:

“How are you gonna come and tell a little kid your mom has a big mouth…. What kind of adult and teacher are you to come and tell a child that? Make him feel bad, come to the house and cry to me.”

Parent Revolution expects lawsuit, because when did Liberals ever let a law deemed unpleasant get in their way. Hopefully this will spread across the U.S. and kids can begin learning in schools devoid of unions.

Linked by A Conservative Teacher. Readers, take a look at this blog. The author is a public high school teacher who has a very interesting opinion of The Parent Trigger. This is the kind of teacher we all want our children to have.

Linked by The Lonely Conservative

  • It is about time that sanity enters the education field! I hope this spreads to every state!

  • This sounds promising. Unfortunately, when you are talking about school reform, you are talking about generations to undo the damage.

  • It’s a start, but we have to make sure that the government can’t cast this aside for the sole purpose to put their union goons back in power.

  • This is great news! Hopefully, kids can start getting a good education now. Teachers Unions have foused on themselves and forgotten who they were supposed to be standing up for and teaching – the students. I hope this spreads to all of the states.

    • rocklo

      Parents if you want to improve your childrens education, get involved directly in their education. Not in the politics of it. Come to class with them every so often. Visit the classroom frequently, sit with them and read, check their homework, attend all school meetings, attend school board meetings, see that they study everyday and check their bag-packs, know who their friends are. If you do all these things I can assure you that they will excel in school. Stop playing the blame game. Failure comes only to those who choose it. Teachers give them the tools to move forward, offer the resources. It is up to them to use it and make good use of it. Parents, stop thinking that your child will succeed because of the efforts and monies of others.

  • In California?!!?? Really?!!!!

    Oh, my.

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