O’Reilly Colbert Coulter Jesus: Charitable Quote of the Day

Charity is the discussion in this video, and Colbert, who is often very funny, often very clever simply shows his ignorance about the nature of giving from the heart – giving because you want to, giving because you believe it is the right thing to do. Bill O’Reilly is right. Priceless is this quote-of-the-day, maybe the quote-of-the-year, from the first commenter on this Bill O’Reilly Steven Colbert Ann Coulter video with Jesus as the focus:

Charity and Jesus Christ

“Most everyone supports helping the helpless.

Only Liberals support helping the clueless.”

Ann Coulter is the first guest up. O’Reilly says the Left feels guilty and so they promote charity with the idea that Jesus would be disapproving of Conservatives. Coulter says, huh uh. It’s not guilt, it’s Leftist self-righteousness. This is a good and serious discussion.

Bill O’Reilly, Steven Colbert and Ann Coulter on Jesus Christ and Charity (video)