Obama: My Presidency is Over if…BTW Tax Extensions Do Not Add to Deficit

Rep. Peter DeFazio (D-OR) says Obama is telling some in Congress his presidency is over if the tax extensions (“tax deal”) are not passed. Note that DeFazio says the tax extensions will add one-half-trillion dollars to the deficit. That is how Democrats see your tax money – their new wealth pocket money. The tax extensions add nothing to the deficit. Congress knew there would be a fight over tax extensions, nevertheless,  they planned to spend even more abundant taxpayer money – the money you will pay if tax extensions are not extended. Damn cheeky in my opinion.

Tax Extension Do Not Add to the Deficit

I’ll give DeFazio credit for saying the unemployment extensions should be a stand-alone bill. Also, interestingly, had the unemployment issue been put off until next year, DeFazio says he could find the budgetary cuts to pay for unemployment benefits – should Republicans insist on doing so (which they tried this time around and could not get done).

Rep. Peter DeFazio: Obama says his Presidency is Over Without Tax Extensions (video)