New York PS 138 Keeps Roland Pierre, Molester, in Rubber Room for 13 Years with Full Pay

The short story is this: A New York PS 138 teacher molested a sixth grade student. He, Roland Pierre, was arrested on felony charges, which were apparently dropped on a “technicality.”  The Board of Education refused to fire him, so for 13 years he has whiled-away his time in the “Rubber Room,” whatever and wherever that is, and received full pay, health insurance and vacations, and of course, his pension. Now 75-years-old, he receives $97,101 annually “for a job he hasn’t done in 13 years.”

Roland Pierre PS 138 Teacher

The incident happened in 1997 when Pierre Roland was 62 years old. He hasn’t taught a single day since. With Social Security, estimates are that along with his retirement pension he will make about $125,000 a year. Did I mention that the Board of Education refused to fire his predator rear? Read the disgusting story at The Patriot Action Network. Thanks to rogue_lonewolf on Twitter.