NASAs GISS Shows 2010 Temps Wildly Out of Sync with World

NASA’s Goddard Institute for Space Studies (GISS) is out of sync with other climate change data, when showing record hot temps in 2010 around the globe. The now disgraced Dr. Jame E. Hansen, the director of GISS has proven himself to have the nasty habit of manipulating real data at will. GISS’ latest temperature chart is seen as wildly out of sync. Take a look at a hilarious Sierra Club video below. Where do these people come from?

GISS Warming Wildly Out of Sync

The blue line is GISS data, the red line is data from RSS or Remote Sensing Systems, the orange line is HadCRUT (the Hadley Climate Research Unit in Britain), and the green line is the University of Alabama at Huntsville.

From Steve Goddard at Real Science:

GISS shows temperatures rising sharply since July. We have been having a record cold La Niña since then, and everyone else shows temperatures plummeting.

GISS also showed a huge spike in March which nobody else saw. Does this have anything to do with Hansen’s constant claims of 2010 as the hottest year ever? He shows peak La Niña temperatures almost as warm as peak El Niño temperatures. That is simply ridiculous.

In an October post, Goddard explains why Hansen and GISS are showing erroneously high temps:

Their algorithm creates an imaginary hot spot at the North Pole (2-4 C based on no actual data within 800 km) and then weights it as heavily as a closer measured temperature reading, in the next step.

They appear to be using at least two steps of extrapolation/interpolation – which compounds error. In other words, their entire 21st century warming story is based on a defective interpretation of the Arctic.

A likely explanation for discrepancy in identification of the warmest year is the fact that the HadCRUT analysis excludes much of the Arctic ….. (whereas GISS) estimates temperature anomalies throughout most of the Arctic.

The GISS article with this statement has disappeared from their web site, but it used to be at

Hansen tried to convince the world that 1998 was the warmest year on record, and 9 of 10 of the warmest years were in that decade. Real scientists forced the change in data to 1934 being the warmest, and 4 of the top 10 were in the 1930s.

Early this morning, the Cancun confab finally signed their global climate change agreement under the auspices of the United Nations. In essence, the group agreed to agree. David Cameron, the Prime Minister of Britain calls the agreement “significant.” The U.S. isn’t mentioned or quoted in this report. Read more on the GISS junk science here.

The video below is from the Cancun get-together this past week. Early on you’ll notice many holes being dug in the sandy beach. The ‘polar bear’ shows up at about 8:00 min. He lies baldly. Then at about the 8:45 mark you learn what all those holes are for and, oh no……there’s the obligatory ‘social justice’ invocation. See the latest Rasmussen poll on global warming opinion.

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